Melted fuse holder


We use it directly on crimped ring terminals. Not tested yet tho. But I would assume they work.

2x washers 1x spring washer 1x locknut

This is the charge side, therefore only 40amp fuse. Have a 150amp on the output side.

They will be covered up:)


What crimp have you used for you wire to fuse connection?


We have a ring terminal crimped to the wire before it’s screwed to the fuse. It’s a m5 heavy duty ring terminal, can’t recall the exact model number.


Did you buy a crimper or just DIY the crimp?


Bought a large crimping plier (about 80cm handles)


I was hoping to avoid buying some and DIY’ing the crimp :slight_smile:


A good vice should do the trick, if you dont have a crimp plier


Don’t have a big vice…but have a hammer and screwdrivers. Maybe I’ll mill a custom unit…


I soldered my wires into the connector with a small blowtorch.


I have also used bolt cutters to crimp on occasion if you are careful. And for soldering larger connectors I very briefly preheated them with a plumber’s torch before going in with my electric soldering pencil. Made that job much faster.