Maytech remote!

My Maytech remote is working well. That said, I do have issues with the board cutting out intermittently. Having gone through all my ESC settings I have come to the conclusion that it’s a signal interrupt between Tx and Rx. It happens at the same place every time. I’m guessing interference from another source. I’ve narrowed it down to when I get within range of the hotel at one end of the Marina and the residences at the other end.

Anybody know if 2.4ghz Wifi can interfere with the signal? This is the first time I’m using a 2.4ghz setup, my previous remote was 433mhz and I didn’t have the same problem.

Anybody else having similar problems?

Eileen, now that you specialize in Efoil remotes would you consider a different frequency for your product? The advantage of 433Mhz, I’m led to believe, is that the signal is not effected if the board is submerged. That was certainly my experience when using the Rx in the picture. Just a thought!!

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The remote will most likely use a radio chip that has a range of 2.4-2.525 GHz with 126 channels in 1MHz steps. This means that a lot of its range intersects with the 2.4GHz wifi standard, about the upper half of the 126 channels don’t exist in wifi, but still can somehow interfere. Especially if the remote and receiver try to automatically find a good channel they might select one in the lower half every once in a while.

Spot on. At identical output power, the lower the frequency, the more penetrating it is. So 0.433GHz is more penetrating than… 2.54GHz. See the 3G-4G-5G mobile frequency war to get the 700-800Mhz range previously occupied by the… analogic TV channels. I don’t know how male fertility will react though :thinking:

Yes cutting out signal at 2 different efoil spots , i just don’t efoil nearby those places anymore …

To maintain the best possible signal strength, another possibility could be to reduce carbon use as much as we can in our boards.
Here is the alternative… S glass

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I need to extend the length of my maytech antenna. Would anyone know what material to use?

I need to do the same. I figured coaxial antenna wire would work?

If the transmitter is in the 2.4GHz Range, an external Wifi antenna with cable should work. Or just use coaxial wifi extension cable and connect the supplied antenna to the core (on the pcb connect the shield to gnd and the core where the antenna was connected).

What problem are you having? Does it lose signal when the boards underwater?

Yes I lose signal sometimes when I am trying to get on the board and it sinks and the waterline goes past the where the antenna is located in the box.

Does anyone know what type of radio signal the receiver is using?

99.9% sure it’s 2.4Ghz. @Eileen can you confirm? Would be great to extend the antenna to a point more toward the front of the board.

So you should be fine with a wifi external antenna, maybe you can even use a small patch antenna and put it outside on top of the board.
something like this:,searchweb201602_4_10065_10068_319_10059_10884_317_10887_10696_321_322_10084_453_10083_454_10103_10618_10307_537_536_10134,searchweb201603_51,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=656b9fc9-5fa4-46c2-86d2-4095b59f70b4-20&algo_pvid=656b9fc9-5fa4-46c2-86d2-4095b59f70b4

It looks like the antenna is etched into the pcb, so you would also have to cut the antenna traces with a dremel.

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I have noticed the same on another remote. Makes the initial takeoff a fun process. But moving the receiver to the hatch lid has helped.

Futaba has a 400mm antenna for 2.4ghz, so I’d imagine you could use one like it or make your own…

You should be able to solder this one on instead:

each signal type need special antena length.

Eileen, how about making a 433mhz remote?? Then antenna length is no longer a problem.

I’ve given up using my Maytech remote. Too much interference on 2.4ghz and no water penetrating capability. We need a remote fitting for the application, not a marinised skateboard remote. C’mon Eileen, rise to the challenge and get ahead of the competition, you know its coming!

Back on the tried and tested 433 for now.

Yes, 433mhz signal has less interference. But it can’t process much data. It can be used for one-way communication. Our waterproof needs both-way communication and process much more data than normal remote. It needs to transfer data to receiver and also needs to read voltage, etc data from receiver.

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Our engineer is checking and trying to find solution to make 2.4ghz signal with less interference

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