Maytech remote!

Love all my remotes and found Maytech to be very helpful. Every wireless charging device I have ever used gets pretty warm and even a bit hot depending on a few things like ambient temp, sun and if you accurately place the remote in the center vs offset a bit. The warp is cosmetic and you can take a toothpick with a tiny bit of superglue and tack it down if it bothers you but surely won’t allow water to get in. Just take a video and prove your issue. Easy with a GoPro or bucket of water.

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I would fill in nonacid based silicon rather than cheap superglue. Glue could react with plastic very easy. Especially when warmed up. Also, i had 3-4 plastic wifi charging devices, none of them had cosmetic warpings and some were rly cheap ebay crap. Price of the remote is way up for that kind of concerns.

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My idea is not to display more information on the remote control. But to control the esc with more parameters (only expensive one have more features like I want, for example MGM esc).
I thought to connect the remote control on an arduino to read the instruction and then return it on the esc according to other inputs (temperatures, leakage, current / voltage of the battery etc).

For sure it’s always best to read labels. I would never recommend cheap super glue. Try this as I’m not convinced silicon is strong enough bonding. Hope you get it worked out.

Thanks for you help guys. I asked Maytech about potential fixes and apparently if I try to fix it myself, that will void any future warranty. Not that they have offered to replace it this time.

i purchased two remote two weeks apart
one stopped working at all and on the second remote the screen disappeared, returned, flickered for a while and now works properly (only in skateboard mode?)
i also have the remote heating up quite strongly in charging
new product malfunction - happens
in two products at full price
It feels bad
after the video as proof they told me to return them for inspection
i have two efoils ready without a remote :worried::thinking:

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Well this ain’t good! Maytech may want to be transparent when dealing with forums like this.

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Thanks for sharing @1113.
It’s appears that your remote has identical faults to mine. ( Heating up when on charge and intermittent loss of screen display.)
They told me I need a video as proof that the screen is going off. They told me the heat is normal and the case will warp because of the distance between the screws, but that that doesn’t affect use.

Nobody spells worse than me. But I noticed that “Power” is spelled wrong.


I found this error in the documentation, I was able to acquire. Its says to enter the main menu you need to ( Hold the brake trigger in and then press the throttle trigger.) It should say “function button” rather than “throttle trigger”. Its a simple error but can cause a lot of frustration when things are not working.


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thanks for pointing it out. We will revise it.

Everyone has diffrent opinions and experinces so here is my points about the system.

I have purchased 2 of these but only.used one so far.

I have had it In the sea 4 times now in surf conditions getting dunked and hit with waves. So far it’s perfromed perfect with no issues and seems waterproof.

Charging has been straightforward gets only luke warm less than my phone that also wirless charges. I can also in feild charge it off my S10 mobile with power share which is cool.

Has good throttle response and I like the % readout.

Also like the signal bars to let Me know I’m connected.

Battery level bars are OK I guess but I would prefer a Simple voltage readout as all pack have diffrent v under load.

I have wraped the handel in red tape to make it easy to find if I in the water.

Provided hand strap works well but I don’t use it as I tape controller to my paddle.

The reciver I covered in hot glue to water proof that and protect the tiny surface chips.

All in all I LOVE it as its 1 less thing I have to build from scratch and it just works so I’m super happy with that as servo testers and diy throttle control is something I can’t really be bothered with. Plus it’s small and easy to hold.

However my favourite feature is the throttle hold. Makes catching a wave and holding a paddle managable.

Anyway Let’s hope it continues to work well as I have a lot of more surfing planned for if. If anyone’s on the fence considering to give the go I can recommend it as it dose work.

The only negative is I noticed when my control Box goes under the water I can lose signal untill it resurfaces again but it Reconnects quite quickly and is a minor inconvenience.


Sry didnt want to be rude. Saw few people put 1st superglue they get their hands on and often their plastic gets eaten away soon. I did silicon cause i needed some filling between 2 plastic parts under pressure. It doesnt stick well to plastic thats true but for filling up regular hole, works awesome (my underwater camera casing went over 40m down many times, not a single leak)

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Just received the Maytech remote. Cruise control works well. Not sure about calling this a waterproof remote tho. The electronics may well be protected however the housing is certainly not waterproofed. One dunk in the water and the housing is full as a fat ladies undies. That said, as long as it keeps working I’m ok with that but not a long term solution me thinks!

Yeah I noticed the same thing! Mine also fills up with water.

hi, my maytech works on the contrary at 0% the engine is running at full throttle, at 100% it is stopped

Mine did too before I configured my ESC

thanks try to configure

ok now it work well but the case is NOT waterproof!!!

Been in the surf a few time now with mine getting swamped by waves and in fresh water also.

perhaps 10 different water sessions where it been submersed ever time.

so far 0 issues and no leaking and i could not be happier. I do flush it with fresh water each time.

its odd how these seem to have so many varied reviews / issues / no issues.

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