Maytech remote!

Thanks for the support Jezza.
Much appreciated

yes, that’s what I advised – send video to us. And we will take care and give best support.
Anyway, thanks for your advice!

Discouraging to invest in this remote control and good luck to you @rogjalon


So what you are saying Eileen, is that if I am unable to capture a video, you plan to do nothing about my heat and warping problem.

Typical Chinese style, and if you record the video they will pretend you made another mistake so you will pretend not and it will be endless until you get bored.
Really sad as I wanted to test this remote…

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I suggest it is just the typical style of a bad company that is not looking to build a good brand name long term, I will avoid Maytech as they are not going to support the other customers when it is clear that the product has a few bugs that need to be fixed. Using customers as test subjects never pays off long term. Self funded R&D is expensive but that is what good brands do so to avoid having bad publicity like this is. :wink:

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Sounds like it could be quite hard to “show a video of the screen” of @rogjalon problems since it happens when it is used out on the water foiling. @Eileen To put a little trust in your customers could not hurt right? Also, if the remote gets so hot when charging that the plastic case is warping dont sound normal to me.

I am, together with many others on this forum, interested in this remote. Especially with the May 8 offer coming up. But I am discouraged by maytech customer service at this point.

BTW I am also a maytech customer using a esk8 remote bought from Trampa together with a VESC6.


1 of the options is that battery swolen up and distorted the casing and now doing some problems with contacts and water leakage. Saw that many many times. Again, no excuse to troubleshoot/replace.

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Thanks Ivan,
Good point, definitely another possible cause.

First, thanks for your interest and support to Maytech.
To be clear, supplying video to our official email is our company repair process.
And it’s for our engineer to check what’s the problem and what causes the problem and how to solve or repair it.
Customer can take video of waterproof remote screen after foiling right away if it’s failed in foiling.
We appreciate all customers support and trust with us and will try to give best support to all our customers.

I see a few things unfolding here.

@Eileen I think maybe supplying pictures to your engineer should suffice as an alternative to taking video. I understand you’re saying it’s your company policy, but you aren’t a giant company, so feel free to not stick to the policy 100% and find another way to support this after-sale customer.

@rogjalon Take the video. What does it hurt to record a video vs taking a picture? Even thought they are making you jump through hoops for this, just comply to see where this goes instead of making it a debate.

@Eileen Users of this forum are watching how you interact with your customers post-sale. There is a funny saying in the USA, “the customer is always right”. It’s funny because it’s not true but you need to pretend like it is. I bring that up because even the issue he is having might have come from heating of the remote or perhaps it comes from him breaking the remote, who knows? But being able to fix an expensive item such as this after purchasing is important so support him in some way.

If another manufacturer comes on this forum selling a remote and people have to choose. They are going to avoid Maytech simply based off the lack of support so my advice would be to go above and beyond to make the repair, even if it means the cost of one remote. I’ve already seen 3-4 posts from users saying they are discouraged to purchase remote (or another remote) based on this topic.

For the sake of the community I ask that you both solve this and stop going around in circles. :pray:


Did any body connect the remote to an arduino and then to the esc to add some feature ? like temperature control, water control, and other security add-on.

Thanks Tyler you’ve made some good points. To clarify, I have no problem making a video if the screen goes out again. But being a intermittent problem, and the fact that I don’t get to efoil often just delays getting my remote repaired. Maytech are failing to hear that my remote is getting hot during charging and my case has warped. Even though I have shown 2 photo’s as evidence.
I realize that in some of my post about this my wording may sound harsh. But, this company has refused to Meet their warranty obligations in the past, and I feel the forum users need to know this companies true colours.

Can you put the remote in a bucket of water, in similar fashion to how they demo it on their Alibaba page? I think that would be way easier than going efoiling.

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Thanks, @tylerclark !

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@Eileen I hope that Maytech continues to grow & make great products.
@tylerclark you should be an peace ambassador.
@rogjalon I hope this works out for you.
I hope to see hobby builders, developers & manufactures work together.
it is still very early days in a exciting new hobby /sport.



If you are talking about a mixed MAYTEC + Arduino, IMHO, this looks complicated

  • the remote is sealed
  • if you need to modify/add a new field on a radio frame, both receiver and transmitter side need to handle the new data structures which implies code re-writing. That is easy on a 100% open arduino system and difficult on a mixed arduino+sthg system where retro-engineering is needed.

or does not need the remote to do that as many ESCs can do it like ESC temperature control or water control see

Sometimes it is easier to start from a blank (Arduino) page or from one of the past projects seen on this site

Or you can create a separate BlueTooth 2.4Ghz link which transfers data from the VESC to your smartphone…

after 1 week using it about 3times now I have same problem now. Display shows only increments and throttle control is unreliable up to full power without input… Will see if they do warranty exchange.

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Good luck with that.
My case warped and they’re now saying it’s a design flaw. The screws are too far apart.