Maytech remote!

Yes, it supports 14s.

Excellent! Thank you!

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I love my Maytech remote. Works great.

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To thanks for all the customers support, I applied our company and we will have a promotion for waterproof remote and only for efoil.builder users. It will be the lowest promotion price.
I will post the promotion details this week.


After less than 10 uses today my maytech remote failed me again. This time the screen completely blacked out during use. I suspect water inside. Also the remote gets excessively hot during charging. Worthless Chinese junk.

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If it has problem, pls send test videos to us

Here you can see the case is buckling at the join. I believe water has entered here and causing the screen the turn off.

the PCB has glue and is waterproof. This won’t cause problem.
Please take video of screen and send to my company email. Thank!

After letting the remote dry overnight the screen came back on, but it will probably happen again next time I use it.
What about the excessive heat during charging and warping case. Will you replace the remote?


Roger, Let us all know if you get a warranty , I will consider buying if you get a replacement.

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Please check this link for warranty details:

Hi Roger, please take video when it happens again and send to my email.

Remote gets hot during charging because of its wireless charging. It will have some electric power loss and convert to heat. It’s normal.

Yes I’m aware of your written warranty. However, with my previous claim, you refused to meet your warranty obligations.
So, I need to share my experience with fellow builder’s on this community.
So please answer my question.
When charging, the battery generates excessive heat, my case has started to warp and last use my screen blacked out whilst in the water.
So, please share with your potential buyers, is there any reason why you won’t replace my remote?

Edit since reading your previous post.

The case is warping, possibly from the charging heat. How is this normal?

strip is free accessory, it’s not included in warranty.
I’m afraid you’re misunderstanding.
If your remote has problem, could you send the video to my email? Then we can check and apply best solution for you.

No, I’m not misunderstanding anything, if the part is advertised in the picture, then it’s included in the price and part of the warranty.
Below is a more close up picture of the warped case. I don’t see how a video will show this any clearer.

You said " After less than 10 uses today my maytech remote failed me again. This time the screen completely blacked out during use. "
Please show video of the screen.

I also said, after drying overnight my screen came back on.
Regardless of the above, my remote case has warped and this is also part of my warranty claim.

My advice, put it in the water, let the screen break again. Then take a video.
It also should not be heating up to the extent where the case is distorting when charging.

@Eileen there are clearly two issues here:

  • First the case distorted due to heat from charging the remote. While there will be some heat, this is clearly a design flaw.
  • Because of the distorted case, the remote seems to have taken in some water and as a result when wet, the screen only work sometimes.