Maytech remote!


Once transmitter and receiver are powered on and bound properly you should see the rx battery bar graph. There are 2 settings in the menu. One for number of lipo cells (mine on 12s) and one for nominal voltage per cell (3.7 for lipo).

I think the battery ground needs to be connected to the rx input ground wire to work. In other words they need to share the same ground.

Verify that you are getting full battery voltage to the location where you soldered to the 42v input.


did you use UBEC or another 5V power supply to receiver?
If so, please connect UBEC or the 5V power supply GND to Battery GND.


The battery function is so inaccurate, it’s not even worth the bother to hook it up. It’s a useless gimmick.


Spot on for me but I had to program how many cells I have.


I think the problem is that we charge our batteries to 4.2 volts per cell, but the remote only recognises 3.2 or 3.7 volts. I have found no way to make it display full charge at 50 volts and empty at around 42 volts.


All of my cells charge to 4.2V. Not sure what’s different.


Mine must be faulty then. It wouldn’t surprise me.


Yes, you can have a large smartphone screen or a large browser page to perform the initial setup + you can use a ASCII configuration file of sbdy else…

@Eileen what do you think ?
[1.Thr.Mode 1=ESK8 2=Surfboard]
[2.Batt.Cell.Typ 1=3.2V-Lithium-ionferrousphosphatebatteries 2=3.7V-Lithiumionorlithiumpolymer-Default]
[3.Batt.Num Range(1-14)]


Does your remote show a decline on the battery voltage bars as you voltage level drops? Mine remains the same from 50v to 42v.


It accurately shows how much battery remains by way of bars constantly. Did you adjust remote to your S value?


From full charge to empty only reduces the readout by one bar regardless of the initial setting. What settings work for you with 12S Lipo?


Hi,i have ordered from Eileen and arrived in only three days ,now i try in my prototype


If it powers on it’s not dead on arrival.


@MauiMan I used one of these to hook up the receiver. So you can input both UBEC and ESC to the receiver.


I ordered one from Amazon!

Thanks for the recommendation!


it’s because of wrong using. It’s working now, right?


Press brake button to the end and hold it, then press function button, then it will enter menu.


I will advise our engineer, thanks for the info.


I got the function button and reciever to work. Thank you. The function button must be needed to be pressed a few times before it works. Most likely because it is new from the factory.


@Eileen I am making new battery pack that is 14S. Will remote support?