Maytech remote!


Not sure , all i see is 2 modes 66 or 99% , like i have on my remote , when falling you need to push once instead let go the trigger…


Yeah I also noticed that. Your board will go some distance in the time it takes to switch off cruise control. You definitely need a deadmans switch for cruise control!


cruise control can work at any throttle (1%-100%). The video just showed two speed random.


Hold remote can be updated?


it can’t be updated.


That is not great support for anyone that has already bought the remote! I think Maytech should find a way for future software updates even if it means including a bluetooth chip etc.


Yes, thanks for advice.
Because the remote is completely sealed and waterproof. We can’t update firmware now.
But our engineer team is trying to find solution. Hopefully in future versions, we can make it.


Yeah this makes me sad considering I ordered the remote less than a month ago. I would have waited had I known a new version was coming out. :frowning_face:


In the remote I’m currently building, I added a 2.5$ HC-06 bluetooth module to the arduino nano programming port. This way I can reprogram it through serial over bluetooth. Together with wireless charging, there is no need to take it apart unless the battery or some other hw part has to be replaced.


Hi Eileen, I bought the water proof remote a couple months ago. It seems to work good. I made a error and damage the little receiver board. How would I go about getting a replacement receiver board. Thank you.


got your message in Alibaba :slight_smile:


The DHL truck just delivered the new receiver. That was very fast. Like about 3 days.
Anyone know where I can get some written instructions on how to use the remotes features?


Here is the instructions for the remote…!AqiQh8tWj4RMgZctVIum5-TeXaBPfg
And about the Cruise control:
esurf mode you have cruise control:
In esurf mode, press throttle button at one speed and long press brake button at the same time, it will enter cruise control.
To exit from cruise control, push throttle more than current speed or press brake button again.


Thank you Vipo.
I can’t wait to try it. I had several parts arrive so I don’t know what to do first. I did hear that they were starting to build with cruise control but I think mine was built before that was available.



Can someone tell me witch tension accept the new Maytech receiver ? Does it works with 6V RX batt or just limited to 4.8 V ???



Hello Eileen,
Do you plan to update anything more on the remote soon? I’m interested in buying one but can wait a few weeks if you plan to update it (as we can’t update it by firmware). Thanks


Buy now highly recommended. It has the update now. It is only 5V input and you attach a main battery wire to the receiver to get true battery readout on remote, it’s epic smooth and very responsive. If you need UBEC they can supply one for the 5V.


The receiver needs 5V power supply.


it’s already updated firmware now. We don’t have other updates in 1-2months.
You can order now.


Hi again,

I instaled the battery + to the receiver port written 42V but nothing appear on the display jauge… Do I have to activate something in the menu ? Someone else had the same problem ??? Thanks