Maytech remote issues

My second one Maytech remote control now doesn’t work after 2 times ride in salt water. Display is blank, cannot charge. After that I sent the remote to Maytech for repair. After they received few days, I contact Eileen and she pitch me to paid $59 for exchange the upgraded second generate remote. Also, she said that they will carry out the inspection of my faulty remote after second generate remote has been released at the end of August. Btw, the remote is quite good if there is no leakage problem.

Do not have any interference between 2 transmitter.

Smooth signal “above” water.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That’s 300usd (240 + 60) for a remote. A serious manufacturer should exchange a faulty model against a new generation model to thank the customer for his/her past trust.


Those $59 must be what Maytech purchase the remote for from a factory somewhere around Shenzen might have a look if I can find it…

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There’s a very good reason they are doing this. They can’t repair any remotes as they are potting the remotes…
The $59 replacement cost is the cost price of the remote so essentially they are giving yo the remote without them making a profit.
I would bet you can buy the screen separately and simply replace it yourself for less cost!


Well isn’t this just typical of maytech.
You make a claim under warranty and still have to pay.

very stupid design for the price, big part of that 59$ BOM price is the Potting material

Thank you for opening the cover. I do not disassembly my remote as it is under warranty. Seem that it is 0.96 inch I2C OLED.

Tanks for the pictures!
Can you see how many magnets are on each trigger? Is it just one, or 2?

Just one on each trigger.

On ours there were 2 magnets on the throttle

Maybe I just didnt look hard enough…

So much easier and cheaper just to void the “Warranty”.

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Thank you for your information. As they confirmed that they will not inspect or repair my remote until the second generate remote has been released. This company after-sales service is so weird. Hope that they will send back the remote to me on next week.

Added little bit silicone gel on the screen side. Hope it would give more protection for the health remote.


Idea for a possible improvement. Maybe add a guard over the trigger like a hand gun???
I let my brother try the board, he pushed the trigger against the board as he tried to climb on. So the board took of full speed for about 1 sec. Shot almost straight in the air.

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