Maytech remote defect

I have 10 times used Maytech remote control and now doesn’t work. It can not swich on, it can not charged. Eillen from Maytech does not answer on my mails… What can I do with? Do you have similar experience with Eillen?

regards Rene

Ah, so I noticed something with the Maytech remote. If you leave it charging unattended, it overcharges the lipo battery which causes it to swell. Inevitably this will break the waterproof seal and end up with your problem.
Thankfully I noticed it on my very first charge and so now monitor the remote while charging (a little tedious but prevents any chance of puffing or worse, fires).

OK, thanks for your reply. For me is biggest problem that Eilin is not reply to my varanty reclaim. And i dont think so that it can be mistake in charging.

It most likely has water damage. Judging from that it worked for a while and then stopped, it would mean that something caused either the seal to break or the power source to become disconnected. The most likely scenario with that is that the Lipo battery swelled up as it has happened to some other users on the forum. It’s not your mistake in charging. It would be Maytech’s fault because they are not stopping the remote charging when the battery is full.

We are doing the same, stopping the charger at 4.2v using only 500mah charger to avoid heat and aligning the charger with the circle.
Hope for next generation …

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The remote is really hot when it is charging. I think that it would become a problem so I use a fan to cool down every time and do not charge it more than half hour. Still health so far.

Eillen replied to my complaint! Huraaaaa :-))

@kiterr kiterr, I understand your frustrated but… China is not the problem . :slight_smile: . Language can be…