Maytech products and failures

As lots of people complain about the bad quality about maytech I want that you guys share some infos what you did that these things worked or If they worked properly from the beginning.

Share your opinion about maytech and what went wrong/good.


Maybe @virus will chime in.

The videos of him and his e-foil were the advertisement videos Maytech was using.

He was saying he had the whole Maytech system. But, then no more videos. Haven’t seen anything from him since then. Maybe busy making his own commercial product! :desert_island::surfing_man:

I suspect the maytech system didn’t work out so well.


Hi, yes I´m working in my new efoil design, all my experience (3 years) in this prototype, About Maytech parts, I`m flying surfing every day with my first prototype with all maytech electronics, 300A ESC, Motor Maytech direct diferent kv and remote v2.
I only had problems with the first remote v2 with only nano coating, and maytech sent me again the remote for test with nano coating + silicone inside, I apllied more sikaflex inside an no more problems.

But the remote should work even if you did nothing to it so it’s a failure right?

You have to coat the maytech remote. Their quality control is shocking! I have a few of their products and always make sure I do my own quality checks before using them. Of course it also depends on which factories maytech get the products from…

Well, it is not a failure because this remote is the best efoil remote, my opinion. I have another remote control without sikaflex and no problems at the moment but with less water tests. Around only 30 rides. I think it is very important to know the functions and maintenance very well. How to charge and place it.
and I recommend buying the version 2 with nano coating and silicone.

Yes I believe you but it says it is waterproof and it isn’t and that’s the problem. Maybe their tec works great but they shouldn’t rate it for something which isn’t true.

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You hit the nail on the head. Maytech is making claims that aren’t true as you actually have to maintain a product that in theory should only need to be rinsed after use.
Their motor and ESC come from another source (the same factory) and the quality of those two are better. I still coated the internals of my motor with corrosionx just to makes sure it would be even better.

i hope my flipsky will be waterproof :wink:

As you have a direct entry there, could you ask them to fix the two well known v2 weaknesses so that users don’t have to open the remote to do it themselves which potentially voids the warranty ?

  • waterproofness: do the needful = extra coating applications should it be Sikaflex and/or conformal coating (screen, connectors, …) + corrosion X (over conformal coating and spring, …)
  • over charge: add the 12x10mm mini circuit to prevent the issue.
    Maytech remote required modifications before use

Normal company would need to fix something like that before it comes out

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