Maytech 42%OFF Waterproof remote promotion 8th May 2019


To thanks for this forum users support to Maytech and letting more efoils users try our waterproof remote, we will have a special promotion in next Month only for users.

The promotion will start from 8th May, here is details:

Welcome to discuss and leave message if you want one. So we can prepare enough stocks :v:

Maytech remote!
Waterproof remote housing

I think it is important to show the correct settings whenever the eSurf mode is used … :wink:


haha, yes, we will revise it :wink:



You should fix “Power off” when you turn the remote off too. Noticed that’s misspelled too.


Yeah, it’s revised now. Thanks!


I’m a bit confused. The title says the remote is $109.1, but then in the picture and on alibaba it says the remote is $144.9-179.9?
What is the price going to be?


$109.1OFF. We give $109.1 discount. After the discount, price is US$144.9/pcs


The title is much clearer now thanks! Does that price include shipping?


It doesn’t include shipping. Please check the Alibaba link for shipping cost.


Dear Eileen,
Last Feb/March (2019), the esk8 community was proposed a very nice offer… 130usd. As the efoil community helped Maytech to build a better product and look to a better future with new feature ideas, It would be kind of you to let us benefit +++ at least +++ from a similar offer :thinking: :wink:


Last Feb, the promotion is for the first version, and it was held by our dealer Hyper-ion. They also afford some cost. Please understand.
And this promotion in this forum is the second version. Firmware is updated with cruise control function and it can work with 3-18s batteries.


Could you confirm that the version you sent to me a few days ago has the last firmware?


Yes, it’s latest firmware


Hi Eileen,
Can we order it now or have to wait on 8th May?


I cannot wait to test one. Great.
Thanks Maytech.


Hi Nick, the promotion starts from 8th May.
And we’re preparing enough stocks now.


This is just superb!! Eileen
I’ve heard many good feedbacks on your remotes. I will buy one to see.


I do believe some of the positive comments posted here are fake. The pattern is: 1. Join this forum. 2. Post a positive comment about this product.


Ha ha ha! This is just too much. Its also very obvious when you look at the post history for these users.