Mayitr Waterproof Skateboard Remote - £25 / $32

Hi All, I’m new to the forum, and starting to build my first efoil!

I have been sourcing parts (thank you, these forums are pretty special) and think I found a very cheap remote not mentioned on the forums.

Its made by someone called Mayitr and claims to be IP67 water resistant - and only cost me £25 ($32)!
Comes with receiver and wireless charge pad.

I’m sure its no where near as good as the posh Maytech one,but at one 10th of the price its probably a good starting point!
I’ve ordered one as I was planning on buying a cheap £17 radio / receiver set for testing anyway, so I’ll let you know what its like

we have already talked about this remote control. Unfortunately, this is not waterproof but you can still use it in the rubber glove. There are also instructions to build this that you Waterproof.

Really, I couldn’t find it.

So is the problem the remote does not stay waterproof? They are selling as IP67, also there’s this video floating around,

Found it, never mind.

I guess I’ll see how it goes!

If you take it apart, give it an extra coating of plasti-dip and then drill a good drainage hole in the casing. Then it should be alright for a while. plasti-dip and the fill the inside with some expanding foam and see if that helps.

Sorry, but no. I tried it. Forget this remote. It worked for me only for one try. Even with plastidip coating…

I’m using this remote for two month now (like 5-6 runs). It’s still working.
I sprayed Corrosion X HD inside at the beginning.

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Maybe you did it wrong then…worked fine for me

I epoxied it better, but how the hell do you put the spring back into the 30$ ‘waterproof “ remote?

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Alan was so kind to upload a video. Had the same problem.

Thank you so much !!!

Its not really waterproof just spashproof. here is another link.

Ok i was doing it right, after putting back in place and reassembling it, put some throttle and it the spring jump out…
The spring is not well maintened inside the remote
this remote is seriously dangerous, i can see the board flying away with a blocked throttle.
I will try to modify it