Maxime_ecn slow build / TP4070-V1 / Reisenauer 6:1 / 12S li-ion / VESC 100A / Horue Foil


You’ll have to guess…:wink: The LIFT folding prop is a simple and effective design as you can see on the vid.
Seems that you have the perfect SLA printer to reach the target, perfect surface and high density material…

Amazingly, folding prop blades (including LIFT’s) are straight (not as FR), I suppose it is to offer more apparent surface, therefore more pressure, to water flow when not in rotation.


can you explain how to detach the fins on fusion 360?


@jezza & @SoEFoil thanks for the usefull links and analysis. I can try to model something :+1:

@philippe sorry i made it on Solidworks, i’m not familiar with fusion 360


Nice propeller shape! What is the static thrust of the propeller? Unfortunately, it is very likely that the blades will break.


I have absolutely no idea :sweat_smile:


Thanks @Jezza :smiley:

I hope this will be enough power


It should have enough power! I forgot I stripped the heatshrink off the connectors. Just put some new heatshrink on or solder the cables directly. The prop looks nice!
I have just ordered a beastly 110mm cleaver prop (racing) for my setup. It’s going to be very interesting how it will run!


What is your pitch? and final rpm ? I tried some custom 110mm it need a really high pitch


Prop is designed for 7000 -12000 RPM. Same dimensions as the prop that was used on the electric surfboard that hit 48kph+. On a foil it should be quite a bit faster than that.


Oh yeah :wink: I read somewhere the factory stopped producing. How did you got it ?:grinning:


Here ?
The shop burned back in 2017 when i wanted to start my built , it seems open now !

@maxime_ecn , you should have enough power :wink:


Nice, i’m curious about this propeller, keep us updated :blush:


It’s quite a power-hungry prop, but with a foil it should be a bit different beast altogether.
One recommendation for your setup is to make sure both the gear and motor are properly heatsinked. I noticed when I tested the setup that both produce a bit of heat. I had started cutting the aluminium pieces, but never finished.


where did you purchase that green prop ?

it looks very nice


Hi, i made it myself with my 3D printer. Not tested yet


Slowly making progress…
I Need to cut the central tube and make that 3D printed part in aluminium


Above 50kmph (30 knots), falling off the board could mean loosing a eardrum + soar neck. Kiteboarders wear a helmet that hide ears (for ex Gath helmets) otherwise earplugs. That’s where board foothooks become useful NSI Foothooks otherwise we will soon see efoil riders holding a leash attached to the board nose like esurfs.
Foothooks are expensive. It’s possible to make DiYs using a PVC pipe (and hot water) filled with epoxy resin for extra stiffness and durability.