Maxime_ecn slow build / TP4070-V1 / Reisenauer 6:1 / 12S li-ion / VESC 100A / Horue Foil


here are a couple discussion:


Thanks for the link :slightly_smiling_face:

Some advancement on the build :



Sleek looking setup mate! Is the blue part printed then painted black p


Thanks, it’s CNC machined in high density polystyrene


I finally found a good way to put some pressure on the fiber inside my tube and get the perfect shape on the wing side:

using a bicycle tube :


Got a new 3D printer :heart_eyes:


Impressive propeller !
Which 3D printer did you use ?


First pic … i would guess: photon? , how long to print this part ?


Very good printing quality, well done


The printer is anycubic photon. I’m really happy with the quality, the only drawbacks are :

  • it’s really smelly when i print (worse than PLA on a regular 3d printer)
  • it’s dirty work to take the part out and clean them
  • it’s dirty work to clean the printer (it takes approx. 30 minutes)
  • the build area is small (65mm×115mm×155mm)

Those parts have 0.05mm layers and quality is crazy good ! It took 3 hours for the black part and 4 hours for the green parts. You can print them all on the same build plate in 4 hours (build time depends on height and not of the number of parts).


Strength wise, how does it compare to PLA on a std printer?


Parts are really strong compared to FDM printers. It’s perfect to make thin parts like remote enclosures.


I bought this printer for small parts and watchmaking prototyping purpose :

Currently building a nice full carbon fiber watch :slight_smile:

That’s why my efoil build is so slow, too much side projects :sweat_smile:


That looks amazing! The printers not that expensive, but the build volume is tiny. Whats the cost to print compared to an FDM?


good work,
can you share the link for the propeller?


@Jezza yes got mine for 406€ with 2.25 liters resin on aliexpress shipped from Germany to France in 1 week. 1 Liter (1kg) is 50-60€

@philippe not sure i want to share the file because i copied Flying Rodeo’s idea. I made it myself because i don’t want to spend so much for a propeller


Your next challenge is to copy the Lift folding prop then :wink:


I think it’s not a big challenge, just need some dimensions (pitch, height, radius). I imagine the blades are coming out thanks to rotating inertia? or is it a hidden mechanism that push them out ?


Yeah I would imagine so… Here are a couple of images of others that show some interesting techniques: