Maui Build with 3 Blade Prop and Duct


Hi All, @pacificmeister

Thank you everyone for their inputs and articles and information I have been learning on this site. It has been a trying journey but a great hobby for me.

You’re probably wondering why I spray painted my watertight box white, because it gets really sunny and hot. BTW, the salt is terrible for 3D print PETG prints, even with epoxy.

I would like to share my results after my visit to the Seattle and Hood river.
Here is the video of my latest build. I am also working on a jetdrive version which I will post in the jetdrive topic.


Congratulations for this project ! Would you show us your remote ?


very beautiful electronic part. Bravo
and actually what kind of remote do you use?


Thanks. I am using the Alien Power Sytems:

PRO: I really like the safety feature, as soon as the remote is submerged and loses radio signal, the ESC disables the motor.

CONS: The quality could be better.