Mast clamp aqua dynamics


Late night cookies: I am wondering what mast clamp profile that would provide minimal water resistant and drag. Also considering maximal strength and duarbility.

Below the PM mast clamp and another axe-like rough design (just to get an idea how my mind is going) what do you others think?


You want a round profile as the foil shifts up and down quite a bit. An axe type may influence and create some drag up and down.


I think some1 put this pic already somewhere or i bumped into it somewhere but… Here it goes:


Google fastest fish, the fastest ones (over 100km/h) all have a pointy nose, big body and a small tail. They must have something right to go that fast. If someone can figure out how to attach a mast to one it would save us all a lot of work.


That’s an interesting idea. Doesn’t make any sense in theory though. I guess some airplanes like the Concord have a needle on the nose. I thought those were for refueling though. I’d imagine the bill nose on a fish serves some other purpose too.
Also do we really need anything else that is sharp and pointy on our efoils?


I’m a student in fluid mechanics and I can assure you that the best hydrodynamic profile in our case is the streamlined body. Its shape needs to be as close as possible to the shape of a drop of water.