Manta5 foil-ebike

I posted this on ES the other day, but since everyone headed over here, I thought I’d post it.
I find this foil bike interesting for a couple of reasons. First the foil design is so much different than the board foils. Foils from the Aquaskipper and other bike type foils look similar to this. Second the power requirement of only a 400w motor plus the rider’s 200w. That is much lower than the working efoil builds from Hiorth and Pacificmeister. The SSS motor is supposed to be 11kw. Granted they are going much slower (20kph), but still impressive. Lastly, having the prop face the other direction might be a way to improve the safety of an efoil.

It would be nice to see how they have this geared and how they were able to translate the power to the prop through the foil mast. Some ideas for us.

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Pre-order now available at $7490. I havent seen any analogues so thats might be price issue.