MakerX Go-FOC HI200. VESC 75300 based variant. 75V 200A ESC

Did someone buy a bunch of power boards from team triforce? They look identical

Great design but why VESC people solder wires that way! so ugly and useless! just add couple of more $$ in to the BOM and use thru hole bolt connectors. for both battery side and motor side!

Did you have an IMU on there? Just curious for another project that could use some higher voltage :smiley:

It actually looks like it has solder pads for Wurth M4 studs.

It does have those pads. Power board and form factor look almost identical to this:

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I got 75 100A version


this is different product

only for motor leads not for battery side

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Apparently, this board family is now mass produced and available on Taobao for a lesser price. The 75V100A cost 1200CNY ie 170usd so not much cheaper than MakerX (195usd) :thinking:

Yeah I saw that. There’s a big thread on the Esk8 forums about it. Not sure why Samisin thinks its a different product. They are all based off the A200s design. It’s just been mass produced in China now.

Looks like just the heatsync in 120CNY. Whole thing 1208CNY. ~$170 .

The same yong shop offers a 100A anti spark switch for 35usd:

@brycej: corrected :wink:

Does anyone have a picture of the power board layout?

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If its the same as the A200S then it will look like this:

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it seems it is a spin off of a200s I am using but this is definitely slightly different design

Maker-X offers the HI200 75200 for 275usd.
Flipsky has just started selling the same product called FSESC75200 for 325usd:

  • Voltage:14-75V( safe for 3-16S)
  • Continuous Current : 200A
  • Max Current :300A
  • Size:100mmx61mmx30mm

Or here without heatsink for $232:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

Heatsink $33:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

It seems the ESC is made by a company name Yonggang.

From the same seller - FU TIAN Store - both items mounted for 260usd (instead of 265/295 or 325 usd), best price (so far) on the market. Don’t know about the customer support though:

Anyone try this ESC? I just had my ARC200 fail self-test after a week of riding. Was looking at getting that.

Did it fail with overvoltage? Check the telemetry and see what voltage it’s reading.