Looking to buy your maytech remote V1

Hello all,

I recently tested my build and it turned out that my remote is faulty (and officially died after water testing RIP). So I’m looking to get a new remote for my build. I know a lot of you bought the maytech V1 remote and I am interested in buying it from you. The V2 is coming out right now so that would allow you to get the new version. Let me know if any of you are interested.

This is the best remote ever made for efoil, the throttle is awesome

But I suggest you don’t buy the V1 ours took water after only 3 hours in the sea.

Other users told the same on the forum.

We hope the v2 solve the waterproofing problems.

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Yeah I know the V1 had its problem but I don’t know how I feel with the price tag of the V2. This is why I’m looking for a V1. Is there anything else out there?