Looking for 160a HV ESC with Soft Start


Hi All,

Looking for an ESC for my project and was looking at this YGE 160HV which has a soft start option.


The problem is it is out of stock and a bit pricey.

Can anyone recommend something similar with a soft start option please.

My motor is 6000w and I plan to use a 12s lipo




There is YEP (apparently copy of YGE with same/simmilar firmwire) 120 and 180 HV versions. Idk much about but Silvio (and 1 more user, use search) is using 120A version and seems to work fine, i dont think he has water cooling. His cruising amperage is around 30-40(?). There are some online reviews that marine version of YEP sux cause of bad thermal connection between waterpipes and fets but… I am far from knowing anything about it. Check it out online. Some heli users reported very smooth start.


Thanks, yeah did see that YEP one. Have also been looking at the Alien power systems ones but not sure if they have a equivalent version or whether they offer soft start options.

I don’t plan for it to be water cooled at this stage. For the first version everything will be going in a waterproof box at the front of the board


I installed the Flier ESC. You can adjust Al ot of different settings. I posted the part list on Dropbox:


You want soft start? Put an Arduino in between the Receiver and the ESC. The Arduino can read the PPM signal and only transmits a slower version of that signal. Easy to program and to wire up.


How about 150A ESC base on vesc6?