Long-Shaft Neugart PLE40 Available - Eliminates Coupler!



One with same dynamique load and 67k rpm :slight_smile:

But axial force ?


Good detective work! So @Alexandre are you saying you think the existing PLE40 bearing can handle the thrust generated by our props?


I didn’t find it complicated. It took me about 3 minutes to bring the shaft down to 6mm. A grubscrew then secures the pinion on the motor shaft. The spacer I designed can be 3D printed or cut very easily with a CNC and the then just threaded so that the screws from the gearbox to the spacer attach it.


How did you cut down the motor shaft?


I 3D printed a clamp to hold the motor, shielded the shaft from the housing with a packet so that no chips could get to the magnets or bearings. I then spun the motor slowly and used a dremel with a stainless steel cutting bit to grind it down https://shop.dremeleurope.com/gb/en/productdetails/tungsten-carbide-cutter-pointed-tip-32-mm--120. Just be careful not to take too much off the shaft. I also added a small flat spot for the grub screw.

Alternatively if you have access to a lathe, just take apart the motor and run the stator on the lathe.

Here’s a video of a very crude way to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YicjfMKnEV0
(but note the plastic bag)


Hello Jezza, do you have the CAD file for that part so I don’t have ot reinvent the wheel? Thank you



You looking for 2D or 3D file? Planning on printing it or CNC’ing?


Either one will do. I will probably machine it.



Hi @Jezza,

Is this one you have used in your setup?



Yes it is. I have also added my spacer and rear end of housing to grabcad


Thanks @Jezza. So the rest of the unit is the PM design? How is it called in grabcad in order to easy find it?


No none of it is his design. I designed it differently so that it was sealed completely by aluminium parts and O-rings. The whole unit can be taken apart into individual pieces for maintenance very easily.
You could use the PM mast clamp if you wanted to though. Here is the grabcad link: https://grabcad.com/library/neugart-torqeedo-spacer-1


Hi @sunrise305 ,
I am located in Germany and just coming from a fair where I talked to the Neugart people. I did not have in mind the possibility to customize the gearbox, but I am really interested in it. Did you already take some actions about it?


Hi @walther

I did not get past the talking stage with Neugart’s USA office because there was a minimum order of ten units plus a $500 design fee and I did not get enough interest from this group to justify buying that many units. Maybe dealing directly with the main office will see better terms. If you proceed please let me know. I also did a 2D drawing for them if you need that.


If you could give me the drawing that would be nice. But I am not that confident. Their sales guy was not too enthusiastic when he heard I am interested in buying only one :slight_smile:
But he said it would be around 250€-300€ (and I think even VAT not included), so it is not really that much cheaper than the one with a longer shaft…


I am traveling overseas so it will be a couple weeks before I can get you the drawing.


Hi, spoke to Neugart today and got an offer for
PLE040-005-SSSB3AA-E6/25/30/46/B5/M4 (8mm shaft & coupler, single part motor interface, i=5)
which should be fitting Pacificmeister’s design.
Price is 200 Euro/unit + 19%VAT + S&H for 1-4 units.
As this is lower than most used units on ebay, I will be ordering one.

I can forward you the offer, if you are interested.


is there a drawing with the offer?



Did you receive this unit yet?