Lift Efoil First ride with Jetsurf support

Hey everyone. I was fortunate enough to get a ride on a Lift efoil last weekend. A fellow jetsurfer friend picked this up so naturally I was curious to see how it felt compared to my DIY.

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Nice video! What did you think of the Lift compared to your DIY? Looks like you’re riding on Lake Wa. I haven’t seen any out there yet!


I have only seen 1 in lake washington. My first impressions of the Lift efoil.

The battery was very big( around 14 x 14 inches) Compared to my Lithium Ion, the Lift battery must be around 60 AH assuming they are using the 18650 cells(maybe 3000mah per cell) in 10 S config with a 80A BMS. I had the remoted limited to 75% and it was more than enough.

The board was alot wider than anticipated. Probably 4inches wider than mine. The rocker of the board made it easier to recover from a hard landing. The battery box was quite wider too and a diamond shape rather than rectangle which I assumed. This made it very stable to get up to my feet and ride.

The antenna wip ran along the edge of the battery box all the way to the nose of the board so I never lost signal while trying to get on the board.

It was very easy to plane on the water and fly once I was familiar with the remote. The remote trigger felt light and flimpsy, not as much resistance as my maytech remote.

There was a safety feature which did not allow me to me to throttle hard until I was planing at a predetermined speed and the board was horizontal. This assured I had enough speed prior to take off which as the biggest difference I had to get accustomed to.

Overall, it was very fun the best part was that I was never concerned about breaking down in the middle of the lake, the peace of mind to be able to explorer anywhere on the lake was quite nice. So the question is peace of mind worth $12,000?

Lifts battery is a 14s14p battery with the BMS built in which will increase the case size.

That makes sense, since I run 13S 10P. I am thinking about switching my BMS to a bluetooth enable one.

I run a super simple BMS purely for charging.
I’ve fused the pack for discharge. Saves space and weight.
Voltage I can get on the remote or a display.

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