Hi everyone :call_me_hand: :call_me_hand:
we are LEVOSURF from France, we are developping our efoil for nearly 3 years now.
Our goal is to offer a low budget ultra efficient efoil kit or parts for the diyer, with many parts printed, cnced and assembled in France.
We work on a really simple inflatable board system, that can be packed in a small car for holidays, it has been tested at sea or lakes flawlessly.
We will offer 2 wings, one for the beginner or slow cruising, the second for faster ride, both will be very efficient.

We will offer the complete foil + propulsion unit with a plastic non cutting propeller, and also the inflatable board with waterproof box with integrated VESC.

Here are the specifications :
-Range 30km on a 1700Wh battery (12s12p) at 22km/h average (theorical at full discharge is 39km)
-top speed around 40km/h with the small wing and 35km/h with the big one
-Weight 25Kg
-Strong drop stitch with recommended pressure of 18psi.
-Powered by high quality VESC, in IP68 case

See our 25KM test ride (it was a slow ride but a 22-24km/h might be a bit more efficient)

We are still perfecting the board for beginners, and will unveil prices soon, what guys do you think, any suggestions ? :surfing_man: :surfing_woman:
Here is the picture of our 2019 proto, the foil / motor is totally different now :slight_smile:



Nice, so whats the matter of this Picture, If everything is different now? :thinking:

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I think for many diy users board only with mast mount will be very interesting.


Backed. I would be very interested in that board. How is the cable management from the mast mount to the electronics box done?

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We will update the picture with the last version ASAP

It will also be offered (different packs), also you will be able to buy a propulsion unit with high level of efficiency, strength and safety

Sounds interesting. Looking forward to reading more info

Hi Levosurf, it seems to be interesting to propose different packages. Where are you located in France?

I personally think the board could have a better design! Are you guys planning on integrating the waterproof box more seamlessly in the inflatable board. I think even the DIY community is moving away from the pelican case inside a cavity style. Also, as far as carving and riding the board, Iā€™m not sure that having all this weight in front of you is ideal! I think it should between your legs. Otherwise, the idea of having a diy kit is great. Iā€™m looking forward to see the latest version of it.

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I would love to see the newest design and price point of your inflatable board as well. Will you sell it separately from the motor?