Leaking ESC - Flipsky FSESC 200A 60V

Did anybody face issue when new never used ESC is leaking water through the housing when using water cooling? There are screws on the bottom and water is pouring through. I tried opening the housing to check what the problem is but the lid seems to be glued and screws were inside only like one and half turns.

Have same one and no issue so far

I got one some weeks ago.
I got theme without a lid :rofl::rofl::rofl:
But I send theme back and get a replacement.
Hope he will arrive soon!

Glad to hear at least one good ESC was made :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I have just one week before going for vacation to the lakes.

Don´t you have a photo of your ESC without lid? I am asking because I am curious how it looks inside and what is really purpose of the lid. To keep the water from leaking outside?
After close inspection it seems to me that somebody was already trying to pry off the lid since there are scratches around the screw holes and lid itself if partially cracked - possible from trying to tighten the screws to much? It´s just weird…

Here :wink:


Wow, thanks a lot. There is groove for big fat o-ring. So either I don´t have one inserted or badly inserted. What I don´t get is why is water leaking through screw holes and not around the lid itself. Problem is I cannot seem to open the lid (probably because of o-ring) and through the screw holes I can see distribution board with electronics - so it was all flooded inside :frowning:

I had the exact same problem!
My hose connectors of the VESC were also leaking. I fixed the connectors with some plumbing tape over the thread.

I tried o-rings on the tiny bottom screws, didnt work -> water leaked. After that i filed the whole bottom side of the vesc and put on a nice layer of epoxy -> now I cannot open it anymore but its perfectly watertight.

My hose connectors are perfectly water tight. Only the lid or rather screws holes are leaking.

Problem is I have no clue how to open the lid. There is zere thread on the holes inside the lid - only thread seems to be in the ESC body - so even using longer screws and using them as support to open the lid is not an option. Prying the lid off is also not successful.

Where did you buy your ESC? Me at Banggood and they are asking to try and open the lid :slight_smile:

I could not get the lid of aswell, I just put a thick layer of epoxy over everything. Will post a picture in the evening :blush:

Flipsky is notorious for low quality, low QC, and for shipping out test/prototype units to paying customers.

I would much appreciate it. Also curious about water cooling piping. I have mine set up like this:

I tried fighting the leakage with sanitary silicone - pushed it into the screw hole and spread thin film around the lid edges - it leaked again - around the lid. So I put much thicker layer and now it survived 30 min. lab test. Tomorrow I plan to do first real test with my SUP on the lake - hope I won’t have everything flooded :slight_smile:

Is anybody using Flipsky BT module together with this ESC? There is only one free port with TX and RX pins and that´s where I have plugged in my VX2 Remote´s receiver. How could I use both BT module and Receiver at the same time?

Isnt the reciever of that remote just a bluetooth dongle?