Jet Propulsion?


Awesome!! Glad to hear it’s working like that :grin::grin: Thanks for all you do for this community btw. :ok_hand:t2:


What size battery pack are you using to get 30-40 minutes ride time VIrus?


I get 1 minute of fly for 1Ah in normal conditions riding aprox between 15-20km/h and with my weigh 70kg. Very important the total weight, board, foil, battery, complete with me is around 85kg


great video! love it, how much rmp and amp’s?




im interesting I what remote people are using

is there a waterproof one on the market.

thanks nick


Hi everyone,
Got my first direct jet drive prototype printed and running ! (in my camp cooler :slight_smile:
All parts are screwing to one another,
56mm impeller
500kv sss motor, seaking 130A esc and 4 2 cell batteries for the first test.
looks and feels very nice, I will probably need to get a CNC aluminum impeller… ,the printed one is not strong enough and modify some of the parts to make everything smaller.

I made my plans in On shape, how can i know what is the impeller pitch?
Thanks to @virus for the inspiration and help !!!



nice parts but only some things:
-most important is to get a system as light as possible, carbon fiber materials and a simple configuration.

  • no plastic prop, replace for metal or carbon fiber impeller
    -ESC minimun 300A and watercooling system
    -move the max weight as possible towards the nose of the board.
    -the board volume= your weigh + 30l
    -front wing 25-30mm thick
    -8awg wires
    -200A fuse


looks very good, do you imagine STL files for everyone in the forum?

I have great interest in your jet propulsion.

greeting koni


Thanks virus,
In your setup you have a 300A ESC ? what voltage are you working with?
Also i want to get a aluminum prop, and i’m not sure about the pitch… can you advise?


Hi Koni,
I don’t mind sharing my files, jest to let you know that this setup isn’t working yet… the only test i made is in a camping cooler :slight_smile: and still not enough power… need to get some upgrades, and new electronics …


Many thanks for the info, I would also like to build a jet propulsion, since I have already built one with propeller, I would be glad if you could send me the STL files by email to

thanks koni

PS: we are all on the find out what works, the more the better :wink:


a peek to your stl files can involve more bright idea’s

there are welcome


400A ESC, waterproof and watercooled, that’s important for the first tests, I’m sure you’ll get water inside for different reasons, I’m working with 8s. I think your prop is well designed, but try other more resistant material.


About a jet propulsion… I have been followiing a guy called Mark for almost 2 years now, look where he is going to…


Hey man great design. Im doing some research into propulsion of this type and would love to take a look at your model.

Are the files still available? I prefer IGES or STEP if possible.

Many thanks!


Hi. You need to contact Mark directly on his YouTube channel, but I think that he will take the business route so I doubt that he will give to you any STL. Now if you look at thingiverse there are similar set-ups to download from.



So smoooth!
Just about perfect @virus
Can’t wait to have mine


Hey Folks,
I have started to built my own version of an Jet powered eFoil, at the moment i am trying to figure out what kind of design and materials will work out best for me.
Does anyone of you have experience with the sealing of the shaft with jet propulsion units? And maybe can recommend a design or suitable seals for such high rpm (max 20 000 rpm)

@virus: How did you sealed the shaft of your Direct drive Jet unit?

Best regards!


Very nice looking components… Any chance I could take a look at your STL files as well? I’m thinking of going the jet route also as I want to surf with it and I’m thinking the jet will have less drag than a prop.