Jet drive experience needed please


To all those guys out there with experience in jet drives, would you please give me some feedback about your experience with jet drives.

A bit about my project and goals.
Im looking to put a jet unit into the board of my SUP to provide a boost onto waves and maybe a quick way out the back. Im only looking to get a planing speed out of the drive so maybe 15kph max. Ideally I would like the Amps to stay below 50A 52V at a cruising speed of 15kph. (If its possible)

The motor I have is a SSS360kv and I have a 64mm Onean impeller and nozzle on the way.

Im not sure of the best way to set this drive up? For example, should I cut the impeller down in size and run as many RPM as possible, or should I maybe run the SSS 360kv at a lower voltage with the 64mm impeller.

It would be great to know how the people with experience with jet drives would do it.