Issue with Lift battery

I just purchased a used 2019 Lift board. It came with an already charged battery, so I had an awesome riding session. Unfortunately, there was an issue recharging the battery afterward.
For several seconds the charger was blinking, fan spinning, the battery was blinking with some green LEDs, but then the battery’s LEDs lighted with all purple lights except the last one which was yellow. I tried reconnecting, restarting the process - each time it ended up in the same state with all purple and one yellow light. I left it for a few hours in this state, disconnected - the battery was showing no LEDs. Connected to the board - nothing. I connected it back to the charger and left overnight. Still nothing

The troubleshooting guide does not have this light pattern description. I’ll get in touch with Lift. But, maybe somebody has seen this or has an idea what’s happening.