Issue during testdrive


Hi All,

i am not used to talk the english language so often, so please excuse some mistakes !

i build an e-Foil similar to “Pasificmeister” and i had some testdrives. But i had some íssues to stay on the board.

as soon as i am on the foil it´s like to balance on 1 metre stick. My son and i tried it several times and we have a board feeling a little ( wakeboard, snowboard, kiteboarding). Front to back is okay , but sideways its horrible.

I think the wing is too small (wingspan). The E-Foil is about 20-25 kg and with me its more then 100 kg.
the speed looks not so bad, or ?

What do you think ?

![IMG_0199|640x480](IMG_0206 upload://ai5UyibzfbVSW7DY5BdjMkP4k2A.jpeg)


Same problem when i started , i was trying to do the same as wakebording , but no , try to offset your feet in order to be sideway, rear foot on the front wing , on the video it looks like you are far back and the angle of the board is too high
Small wing makes it harder not impossible , 1200cm2 is confortable to learn

Before changing the wing , try to put your right foot more in front and a little on the right

And don’t forget , in the air you are riding the wing not the board :smile:


Hi Stefan,
maybe the front wing is to small - did you also try with a bigger one?
Is it possible that your test was at Starnberger See? And you are from Munich?
I’m in the south of Munich and also in testing phase :sunglasses:


nice looking setup!
What is the LWH of your board?


Looks like you need a bit more speed before you carefully shift your weight back to lift off. Don’t accelerate on lift off, just lift by slightly shifting weight. If you need to shift weight back too much you are not going fast enough. To start try little lift offs first and then touch back down. Your wing should work fine. Keep trying. Good luck and Servus Heimat!


By the way , i Love to See me Falling from the board . :joy:
This was the worest Crash. But i tried to ride the board … May by that is the first issue.

Okay , i think i try again but will have a look for a bigger wing. Has some one a wing for me ???:blush:

Yes i am from Munich , but the Test was at the Chiemsee. I am real interested in seeing your board.


P.s. Thx all for the answers