Is this issue normal?

65161 from China some screws look shitty.

Looks like corona :joy:

Send it back. It will never be waterproof with those misplaced screws

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I hate it. Why do I have this problems all the time.

Is that how it came from the factory?
Or have you attached it onto something?

No thats how it cam out of the box

I’m so pissed

Look at this shit

I think the motor fell on the ground directly into the shaft, the impact then pushed the back part where the cable go through via the bearing. Most likely

But that was after I unpacked it! And I didn’t drop it.

What the packaging damaged at all?
Which supplier did you use? I am sure they will replace it.

Package was not damaged.

Bought from flipsky supplier!

@Thom thanks for the good suggestion. Yes somone dropped it and it was a shippers. The package was damaged!