Is there a kind of manual for the VESC 6 MKIII?

I ordered a VESC 6 MKIII form Trampa and downloaded the VESC-Tool from VESC Project site. What I didn’t understand are the ways for input of control data (e.g. for speed control). As I don’t will use it at an efoil but at a boat, I need no wireless remote. Knowing next to nothing about electronics things like PPM, ADC, UART are meaning nothing to me. (I would prefer not to use the VESC Wand.)

Is there a kind of a manual for the VESC? I could not find it at the Trampa nor the Vedder sites. Do you have a link to a source which provides a first orientation regarding the different control units?

Should be possible with a potentiometer connected to an analog input, something like this:

Thank you sat_be. This would be a simple solution.