Is anyone looking to sell efoil in/near UK?

Hi there,

I’m looking to see if anyone is interested it selling their efoil project either in the UK, or that can ship to the UK.

I’d love to build one but unfortunately I have no workshop space at the moment and all the commercial brands are way out of my price range.


Where are you based in the UK?

I’m based in Scotland near Edinburgh. But could arrange courier or collection from pretty much anywhere in UK.

I’m not using this board (board only) anymore Jezza's Second Build so maybe I could let it go…

Looking at the build quality, at how many brands have chosen to rebrand the CIMI efoil (4 and counting), 5000€ + shipping cost from France is an honest deal to receive it next week. Their spare battery is in the 1000+usd.

If you order from China, 3800usd + 800-1000usd shipping to the UK + duty + 4-6 week lead time…

Thank :wink:

3800usd is the price for multiple pieces. For 1 or 2 … it must be a little more expensive.

Transport to UK is maybe 500 €, I can make an effort on my price.