Interesting new motor




Inrunner with100Kv 6,8kW continous power sounds fantastic, did anybody try this one?


Something doesn’t seem right there. On alienpwersystem the motor has a max current of 50A. But here it is 127A. Someone has it wrong.


Can you use this motor without gearbox?

The outrunner also look interessting, but has the wrong shap for all the tube-builders :wink:


Hi, I and my brother in law have this motor, but we have problems for which we havent found solution jet. We build two hydrofoils, we both have also the same ESc(Flier Boat up to 22S 400A). We have two Li-ion batteries made out of Panasonic cells 18650PF 2900mAh, my battery is 22S12P, his is 13S13P. The problem is that we cannot find right settings on flier esc, and motor doesnt want to spin under load ( spins very slowly). I can hold the shaft of motor on full power and there just O,5A current measured through the motor. We tried a lot of settings and checked the connenctors, but it looks like ESC is blocking and doesnt let the current into the motor. Does anyone of you builders has similar problem with Flier ESC?


I would upload the video, but I dont know how to upload mp4 file. The spinnig of proppeler in the air looks brutal, but there is no power under load.


@Jezza, the motor surely can not handle 100A maybe 30A constant. The cables out of the motor are 1,5mm2 thick! I sending some pictures of the motor and my connection motor shaft-proppeler



I accidently upload two same pictures.