Hydrofoil surfboard, more nice design would like to share with you

Send me a free sample and I promise to do an honest review here for all to see.


whats the price just for the board?

Hello David, If add the freight cost, it is better buy from your local side if have.

@Lisa Lisa, Send you guys and email about the spces and price. Please let me know

Boards are around $1100 shipped.

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Do you have any plans to contribute to the forum? Or will you just keep trying to push your product?

@Dirkdiggler I was about to say price is too high but since we dont have all the spcs and features I guess I should hold on :smile: it would be nice if you guys share the details and even nicer to give forum people some discount

Hello Samisin,

My email is sales01@epoch-power.net, Today I will go out , when I come back to office, I will reply to you in the first time.

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Definitely would give a discount to forum members. All the specs are listed in the other post. Basically 36v 40ah battery, controller, remote, custom board with waterproof battery/controller box, 36v battery charger, leash to kill power when you fall, and board bag/foil bag. Foil is custom carbon fiber mast and wing. One hour or more ride time depending on speed. Haven’t really nailed down a top speed, but faster than most ever want to go.
If you factor all the time and effort that goes into making a DIY board and comparing the build quality, most are spending more than $4k anyway. I know some here have some serious skills with carbon fiber, glassing, 3d modeling, Arduino programming, engineering and such. For them it might not be worth it to just pay for a manufactured board. Those builds also have hundreds of hours of time in the garage. Depending on your day job, that may or might not be worth it. It is just another option for people like me that want to spend time riding instead of working in the garage or maybe those that don’t have all the required skills to make one themselves. An electric hydrofoil is a very challenging DIY project. Plus you can buy three for the price of one Lift foil.

These are all great facts but it would be nice to have more details about propulsion system, Battery and BMS system and the board itself.
One more thing which is important herein the US is certification and compliance to be able to ground ship them I mean FCC and UL38

For me it’s the journey more than the destination that I find most enjoyable. In undertaking this build, I have learned so much about 3D printing, computer-aided design, DC motors, batteries, seals, bearings, waterproofing – the list go on – all of which has been super interesting. (I’ve managed to avoid the fiber-glassing bit so far.) So riding is simply the dessert after a very satisfying meal. Of course that may change when I get to the riding part. :slight_smile: I should add the people connection via this forum is nice too – exchanging tips, ideas, support, seeing other’s builds and progress. And kudos to PacificMeister for putting all of this in motion.

So buying a ready-made board has much less appeal in my case.


Does someone already tested this board ?

It’s great to have the skills and knowledge that go into the design and production of an e-foil. Some of the builds are beautiful and look and ride better than any production board. If you have the skills of a person such as Virus, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a board. Others have made dangerous boards with exposed props, battery wires hanging out of a box strapped to the top of their board, ESC’s that catch on fire next to lipo batteries that are a serious fire hazard. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets severely hurt on a DIY board. I have been working on a powered surfboard for seven years now and it is a relief not to have to work on anything if I choose (However, I am still making changes to improve the design!). Everyone on this forum has a huge advantage of all the knowledge of past projects including the improvement of foils, and it is no longer as difficult as it once was.
Still, you need tools and skills that the general population doesn’t have. Most people have no idea how to do 3d modeling or even have a 3d printer. Is it worth spending a few hundred on a 3d printer for this project? For some yes. Its just another option. I’ve built tons of eskate boards, but its no longer worth doing as the production models are now priced comparable to my own builds, and are much better, cleaner looking and user friendly. Same thing will eventually happen with electric foilboards. I’ve built many ebikes that were similar, DIY jobs with batteries attached to the frame with homemade brackets, as there were no other options. People would honestly duct tape controllers and batteries to the frame and ride in the dirt, hoping nothing would fall apart. Now we have manufactured bikes that look great and are so much easier to use. No more lipo batteries and now the batteries and controllers are built into the frame. Awesome compared to what was available only a few years ago.

We’ve done hundreds of hours of testing on the boards. We’ve changed a few things that will make the board better, last longer and improve user friendliness. It’s still an expensive toy and we don’t want customers to have issues. Boards will be under warranty support. Just keep the foil from hitting bottom and the board should last until we get true hoverboards!


Was anybody were able to buy bare efoil board from this seller? Seems they are not actively marketing or planning to sale the boards