Hydro V1/ SSS 56104 / NEUGART PLE 40 / 12s lipo /seaking V3 130A


Very nice! How did you cut the keyway into what looks like a blind hole in the coupling?


CNC milling machine, but I will have to reduce the key for the passage of the Thrust Needle Roller Bearing …



**mast clamp:**PG7 cable glands placed and silicone on the thread, we will let dry and test … I cross my fingers …
carene: reception of the high density foam block with rail us box of home gong … the router will purr …

Best way to attach a foil rails to a normal board?

Waterproofness test mast clamp this morning at the top it’s nice,
In the wake:

small diagram of the future stratification of the box gong on the hull of the board:



@Manu Looks like you and I are at about the same place and doing the same builds. Maybe we can help each other. Did you have a machine shop make your shaft coupler? And is there any wobble or vibration at the prop end?


hello @sunrise305 alas no I do not have a CNC or turn to machine but a friend on Nice city has his factory … about the tree I have not tested yet … we will see the first test … .


I here is the link thingiverse for the mast clamp for efoil GONG ALLVATOR:
got the o-rings and am trying to trison the tight junction tube and mast clamp …


Hello Manu,

From your opinion, on your STL, which o’ring size should fit the best please ?

Thank you


ID :50 TK : 3,5 mm (20 ch)




Looks good! You might consider adding THIS support.


I had actually thought, I’ll wait to receive the engine to cut the final length of the aluminum tube and I would see at this time if there is too much scope.


Ah…no engine in there yet. I ended up not cutting my tube at all so it could house wires long enough to completely slide the motor out the back. The front of my tube is permanently sealed.


what is the length of your tube? is it better that the propeller arrives at the level of the stabilizing wing or it does not matter?


My tube is 12 inches (304mm). Some have mounted the duct directly to their foil for added support as shown here. I wanted to keep the water flow in that area clean (less prop wash) so raised mine a bit. And in terms of the prop being directly above the rear foil or in front of it, there are many examples on this site of both. Not sure if either makes a difference.


Thank you, Pacific Meister advise me to place the lowest possible and a tube as short as possible …
here I am faced with a dilemma … :thinking::thinking:


This duct in the photo is not connected to the foil. The thing at the base of the duct is my water pickup for the ESC cooling, and not a fixing to the foil.

The mast clamp has plenty of strength and rigidity to support the significant weight in my motor/gearbox.


it brings what to position the intake directly on the duct … I planned to place my water intake directly under the mast un the fuselage … is it good or not?