Hydro V1/ SSS 56104 / NEUGART PLE 40 / 12s lipo /seaking V3 130A


Very nice! How did you cut the keyway into what looks like a blind hole in the coupling?


CNC milling machine, but I will have to reduce the key for the passage of the Thrust Needle Roller Bearing …



**mast clamp:**PG7 cable glands placed and silicone on the thread, we will let dry and test … I cross my fingers …
carene: reception of the high density foam block with rail us box of home gong … the router will purr …


Waterproofness test mast clamp this morning at the top it’s nice,
In the wake:

small diagram of the future stratification of the box gong on the hull of the board:



@Manu Looks like you and I are at about the same place and doing the same builds. Maybe we can help each other. Did you have a machine shop make your shaft coupler? And is there any wobble or vibration at the prop end?


hello @sunrise305 alas no I do not have a CNC or turn to machine but a friend on Nice city has his factory … about the tree I have not tested yet … we will see the first test … .