How to find one reliable battery pack manufacturer for your efoil?

This is Cherry from TLH battery ,one lithium ion battery for electric surfboard manufacturer over 15 years.
The ESC, remote ,batteries are the most important parts for your efoil. In the market,
you just find ESC one part by one part.But TLH battery can custom your ESC as one integration which is helpful for your after-sale service and it is easy to open.About the remote we can set gears to control the speed.I think the most key part is battery pack.You should find one professional battery pack supplier according to your request.We can make your smart battery pack with UART or CANBUS.And we should make the battery pack waterproof.
If you have more interest idea about the electronics for electric surfboard.Please leave me message.
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You make bold claims.

Post some pictures of your “waterproof batteries”

What brand of cells do you use? Where is the battery manufactured?

I think this post is just spam advertisement from Chinese company.


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Maybe, maybe not. Why not give them a chance to show us.

Trump much?

You’re right. Sorry. That was not my intention.

It just came across that way. First post from new user. No pictures.

“Trump much?” Ouch! :rofl::sob:


Oops, too much! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I messaged them. Let’s see if they reply with a price and some photos.

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Let’s start the easy way :wink: