HOTA D6 Charging Problem

Anyone had issues with their HOTA D6 cutting out when charging lipos

Literally after a minute of charging it just switches off

I am charging my Hobbyking 20000mah 6S lipos

Any recommendations for other chargers as I think mine is heading for the bin :cry:

Think I have sorted it by dropping current setting to 5A

It is now charging with no problems, just a little slower

Maybe your Power device cant Support enough current?

Yeah I think so, using this one at the moment

Could probably do with a 500W supply

That one only can handle 207W
That means 8A max charge current on 6s

eBay pc hp power supply 1000w 15€

Thanks I’ll have a look

If anyone is able to share any links to the DC PSU’s they are using that would be really helpful

I also spoke to Hobbymate who were very helpful and said they would recommend a quality DC power supply between 24-30v with a minimum power of 750 watts

They also said because my existing DC supply is limited to 200W then it is not powerful enough to allow the charger to charge a 6S battery (25.2v) at 10 amps.

Here’s how it works:

amps = power (watts) / volts
amps = 200 watts / 25.2 volts
amps = 7.94

Therefore, based on 200 watts maximum power output from your supply, you cannot charge a 6S battery over 7.94 amps. Now allowing for some inefficiency in the power and voltage conversion, you might be able to increase the charge current to 6-7amps. It also depends if your power supply is rated accurately.

If you want to charge the battery at the maximum capability of the D6 charger (325 watts per channel), then you will need a different power supply.

amps = 325 watts / 25.2 volts
amps = 12.9 maximum charging capability on a 6s battery

Anyway thought I would share this in case anyone else who is a electronics novice like me finds it useful in the future


I run two “iCharger X8” chargers off two server power supplies I modified to run in series. The power supply can provide 70 Amps continuous at 24v output.

I charge my two 7s14p batteries at the same time at 20a charge rate because that’s 0.5c the Samsung 30Q cells prefer. Full charge takes about 2-3 hours depending on how far down the pack is.

These power supplies are $15 on eBay.


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I got 2 of these , running 12v each isd6 , limited amp input by the charger , didn’t do the 24v mod yet ( take the ground of one power supply and put them in série)

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You’ve got fine charging stations guys. The power supply has such an important role that it should deserve its own thread.

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You have to “Float” one of the supplies by removing the DC grounding.

I’ve got 2 of these serving 24v 750W to my ISDT T8

My 12S12P pack splits into 3 for Charging as a
4S36P pack. I use a parallel charge board to connect 3 pack to the single charger

0.5C on the Samsung Q30 cells allows me to charge at 50A safely.

I only charge to 4.1v to preserve the batts. But I can charge from 3.4v in just over 1hr 10mins before it starts to balance without breaking a sweat.

The lights in the house go a bit dim when charging :slight_smile:

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