Home Made Flume


That sounds good, but keep in mind that most people here have a tight budget.


what are the projected specs amnd pricing on the motor ?


Yup for sure MaxMaker, we took on the task of getting our own motors for many reasons: to cut costs for the build, get something better than stock motors that get rusty bolts and bearings, get more torque at the shaft, remove a couple layers of middlemen marking up prices and almost more importantly get a motor within 3 weeks vs 5-8 weeks from all the other sources.

As you will quickly learn the RC/electronics/motors world is riddled with crazy long waiting times. We are living in On-Demand times… Waiting months for one part is painful and costs valuable time so we have been pushing to change this.

Quick Comparison:
SSS 500KV, 116A, 1.9Nm Torque
SSS 360KV, 93A, 2.0Nm Torque

VeFoil 360KV, 130A, 2.9Nm Torque (52% more torque than SSS 500kv, 45% more than SSS 360kv)
VeFoil 250Kv, 100A, 3.1Nm Torque (63% more torque than SSS 500kv, 55% more than SSS 360kv)

If you are using a reduction gear then torque really isn’t an issue, but if you are building a direct drive with 56mm - 110mm impeller/prop then this torque is required to get the prop RPM and thrust required.

At this point, the motor price should be $225 USD plus shipping and will ship worldwide.
We are still testing for another 2 weeks, if interested PM me.

Propulsion System - Motors, Gears, etc
How to get a good impeller (for jet propulsion)
Propulsion System - Motors, Gears, etc
Propulsion System - Motors, Gears, etc

If i want to order one, delivery by fedex in Bangkok, when can you send me ?


We are still testing for another 2 weeks, if interested PM me please.


Hi @VeFoil. Thank you very much for info sharing! Awaiting for motors final testing! These are great news. We have 2 types of motors already customized for our projects the alien outrunner 100kv and yours. It is great step forward.


Hi @Winging_it, where did you get the model for the boat propeller i been interested in trying out some.



fancyfoam got it (possibly form this forum) fromw somewhere. He is doing the CAD work and the 3D printing for the test props. I’m sure he’ll be able to share what he has.


Why not make a 100kv motor?


Here is the link to the prop file that we had the most success with.

It was uploaded by Tunnelvision. Here is the link to his first discussion on this prop.



Hey mate. I’ve modelled another prop based on a 4hp yamaha prop. It’s 177mm x 10mm. decent results. Happy to share the model (which is editable to suit your setup).



That would be awesome. We are planing on doing a bunch of testing and would like with pitch, diameter and shape.
Can you provide a link to the file? Are you using fusion360?


Hi Mike,

Im not a fan of AutoCAD for 3D solid models. I use onshape (free 100% online-made by some ex soild works guys). Why don’t you give me three of 4 sizes you want and I’ll model them up for you. What file format do you want me to export them as (https://cad.onshape.com/help/Content/exporting-files.htm)?


I am trying different CAD programs to see what I want to use long term so I went ahead and downloaded Onshape. Can you share the file with me? mike@fancyfoam.com


Hi @tunnelvision. Actually I need help to design the motor mount for sss 360kv and the external Kort gotten from AliExpress of 80mm direct drive. I’m trying to do it with fusion but it is really complicated platform to quickly hands on. I can provide all the required info and dimensions if you can help with the modeling. Thanks a lot anyway to introducing this free tool for the design. Will try it.


Tunnelvision turned me onto Onshape. I like it better than fusion 360. It is free. Give it a try and if you get stuck I can help. Sharing designs is very easy with Onshape as when you share it with me I can modify your model.


Guys, do you know if its possible to import fusion 360 design into onshape so it can be modified in onshape later?


Not familiar with OnShape and Fusion but normal procedure is to export as a step file, which is normally importable by most CAD systems.


Hi @tunnelvision, can you please share your designs in onshape? Props and motor adaptors as you have posted early?


Here is the latest test data. Still have not found a better design than the original “boat” prop that we tested in the beginning. It is still better than the latest 2 blade design that i thought were quite close to the boat prop.