Hi-amps quick electric connectors


Hello guys,

Has anyone of you ever seen those 300-500A fast connections before ?



these are probably very good, but also quite big and probably 200-400 dollars a piece or more:(


There are actually so many of those, I wonder why i’d bother welding the motor to the ESC…

Those below seem to be for electric cars :

To keep operators safe, the connectors integrate MX150 high-voltage interlock loop crimp terminals to eliminate arcing that can occur when disconnecting at high voltages and protective, insulated contact caps that meet touch-proof industry safety requirements. Molex Imperium HVHC uses highly conductive single piece contacts with very low contact resistance (which minimizes power loss), are IP6K9K when mated,


Connectors that really can deliver what we need in terms of current and waterproofness are often - if not always - astronomically expensive. I don’t want to spend more on connectors than on a very good ESC.


Some prices here


The amphenol surlock range are not too bad, but they are quite large.