HGLTECH Searover electric Body Foils - comments?

HGLTECH,short for Happy+Good+Life Technology.Hope our technology brings you a happy and good life.

We just released Searover electric bodyboard, pls check picture and video for more information.

Electric Boogie Body Board

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It’s boring, sorry
Greetings Frank


Hey, while we may all have our own opinion on a product (which we all respect), I see no point in being rude. It’s hard to bring a product on the market, why disrespecting them ?
How would you feel if we did this to you ? :thinking:
And no, I have no connection with them at all …


What is rude about my opinion?
Even an apology is included!
Opinions are asked here and that’s mine.
I don’t dignify the work … But I don’t see any point in that part. You can do this with almost any diving scooter.
By the way, just nice talk doesn’t help a designer.
Greetings Frank


Maybe if you add more buoyancy some kids will have some fun. (It reminds me of a concept product called “Turbosurf” back in 2006)

This should be under the “Comercial Ads/Vendors” section, not under the “Foils and boards” section as it definitely does not relate to foils or foil boards.

I’m not sure there will be much interest in a product like this on this forum as it doesn’t really cater to what the Efoil crowd want or need. I see this more directed to those that are casual beach goers and now water sport enthusiasts…

Thanks for your advice

Thanks for your support,and welcome to place your order on https://www.gd-hgl.com/products/searover-electric-surfboard-jet-bodyboard-sea-scooter?_pos=1&_sid=89e30f35a&_ss=r if you like this product.

This was moved to the appropriate category. @HGL-Tech please be sure to put these things under “Commercial Ads/Vendors” next time. Thanks.

will do,thanks for your help

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Btw,this board is on big promotion now,20% off

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you can play HGLTECH Searover with your daughter or even with your wife together,it is so much fun!