Hey! Looking for a list of parts

Hey guys! Im new to the group. I have experience with carbon fibre and and the building side of surfboards. But I do not have any experience with the electronic components needed to make an Efoil. I was wondering if anyone could share a list of parts necessary to have a running efoil? Not looking for links necessarily (would be nice) but more like point form like ESC, Battery, remote, Brushless motor. things like that. What am I missing?


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There is no easy way to say this, so I’ll just say it. :rofl:

You got a good solid 4 days of reading to do (look under your profile, summary, read time) . If you just buy some parts and start building, you’re gonna end up with a pile of parts you didn’t end up using, and I lot of waisted time and money.

I took me about 6 months from when I decide to build an e-foil till I had a working board. And I had previous experience with electronics and battery building.

There is no one “right way” to build an e-foil. You need to decide for yourself. Build what will work for you. Everything is a trade off.

I suggest looking for members who have working boards. Boards that perform well and they are happy with. Look at their specifications. You will see there is a lot of custom ingenuity in each build.

If you want something now you can buy the Lift or Flightboard e-foil board ready to ride for $12k. If you wanna do a quick build for less then that you could buy the FR propulsion unit for $2k, a Lift board for $4k (or make your own), pick a wing of your choosing, then all you gotta do is build a battery for $1k, and the electronics and waterproof enclosure for $200-$500. You could have a working board for $4k and up depending on how much you build VS buy.

The Chinese 65161 motor is pretty good. Hard to beat if your on a budget. You can’t beat the 75/300 VESC but it’s not cheap, however it can handle 14s battery and I strongly suggest using a 14s battery. Stay away from Lipo battery packs, and stay away from Chinese battery cells.

Sorry I’m not of more help. Feel free to read my build threads. Hope they are of some help. Do your research and build it right the first time!


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Thank you, but on this point, i am not with you.
For example my setup would perform with 10s the same way like with my 12s or even better.
Running a 63100, i have a very cheap and efficiant propulsion system.
Due to the fact, i never get over 80% dutycycle, i could easy go with less Voltage than 12s.
Going 14s or even 16s doesnt make any sense for my setup and wouldnt improve anything (63100 or 6384)
And you can use a cheap 12s Vesc :+1:


It al depends on witch motor you will use. I use the flipsky waterproof inrunner on 14s. If I go lower I have not enough speed in my opinion. With my geared setups I can go lower and use a higher pitch prop because they have a lot more torque.

More Torque as what? :roll_eyes:
Greetings Frank

My geared setup has more torque than the flipsky direct drive inrunner. So I can use a higher pitch prop.


Thank you for your feedback.

This is a great discussion to have on this guy’s thread. Exactly the point I was making in my reply. No one build will work for everyone. I would never run less the 14s. I enjoy +18 mile range and 1h30min ride times. And this is how I use my e-foil board. Long rides for 1h20min.

I enjoy having the extra power 14s provides. I pull 200A (rough estimate as this is my VESC limit, and when I lower it, I feel the towing performance reduce) from my battery towing friends into waves.

I hit a top speed of 28.8 mph today with the FR motor.

But, yes. My build is not a cheap build. But, I built what I wanted. What works for me. :sunglasses::+1:


Thanks for the info! You opened my eyes to how big of a task this is. I have connections to almost everything I would need to build something like this. And I am a decently handy person. So Im up for the challenge but I dont want to rush into anything and have it explode under my feet LOL. Thanks for the info I really appreciate it. Ill do more reading!

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