Hello efoil forum


Just thought I would say a quick hi before posting anything as it sounds like a lot of you guys know each other already.
I am a paddleboarder/surfer/kitesurfer/windsurfer ect ect from the uk and I actually shape and build boards as my day job. I have been foiling on my sup for the past 6 months and since then I have been working on designing foil specific boards and also working on designing and testing my own foils. I have been following a lot of the progress on the e foils on you tube so very excited you have put this web page up. Needless to say I have been thinking about building one for a while but been focused on trying to get the foil and board right before adding propulsion and as im not much of a electronics person and more of a composites person its not made me rush into starting a e-build yet however I feel that may now be changing.

I have been thinking about a design and trying to use a outrunner motor however no idea were to even start figuring out the correct spec I would need.

PS sorry the title had to be 15 letters min

best regards charlie


Sorry for posting here did not want to open another post for presentations.
Hello, congratulations to all for their work, I follow them from spain. I just received the motor and gearbox to start making the efoil. It will be a pleasure to be part of this community.


I would like to say hello as well and to write how much I am thankful to PacificMeister for having opened such a place to meet people, share tips and learn. I’m really excited !
Many thanks to Hiorth, Chris Vermeulen, Tyler Clark, and all the others to have published their first results.


I would also like to say hello and thank you to everyone! I’ve spent the last several years designing and building a hydrofoil kite boat. I finally got it tuned well enough to work with a kite but haven’t been able to try it with a kite yet due to lack of wind on the lakes where I live. And winter is coming on! However, it’s really fun to ride behind my waverunner and cut in and out of the wake with it. I’ve pulled it at speeds up to just over 35mph although I don’t typically cruise at that speed with it. This forum is really exciting to me because I hope to have an electric motor on my design by next summer!



A big hello from the UK (Derbyshire) Hooked since I first saw a video and pacificmeister has been a great inspiration, so props to you dude.
I am starting to assemble the parts for a Efoil and I hope to be ‘up and foiling’ by next spring/summer. I 3d print and permanently improve my machine. I also spot weld battery packs!
I am just finishing of a Trampa Urban Carver Street board, right now printing some funky end caps for under slung battery tray and also sorting oled screen on my remote using bluetooth and Arduino for ESC (actually VESC) telemetry.


Thanks for sharing, this is very neat! Lot’s of good info here. Pacificmeister you’ve been busy printing props!


Hi all,

Many thanks Pacificmeister to share all this work. I am starting my build right now. Can’t say how excited i am. :slight_smile:


Hello everybody,
Many many thanks for this forum!!! I’m a french sup/surfer, living in Vendée. The eFoil is a goal for me for the next years, so I will follow your progress with a lot of enthusiasm!!! :smiley:


Hi all,
My short presentation before posting
I am a french men in the alpes , I’m an engeneer, and I loves snowkite, kite foiling
I builted myself in the past my own foils and boards and since this summer my Efoil :slight_smile:
Thanks all community to share own works, and a special thanks to Pacificmeister for the sharing.


Hi there!

I m Simon from Slovenia. Me and my friend started building efoil about 1,5 years ago.
I got small company related to the composite fabrication, I build one of the fastes rc airplane in the world ,I also corporating with sipaboards,revoll e-longboard and ngv-nextboards. I m iterested in longboards,windsurfs,motorbikes and rc stuff :D.
Huge thanks to pacificmaister and hiorth! This site is great idea!

Happy foiling…:slight_smile:

Best Regards!


Hello fellow builders

We are three brothers from Oslo, Norway: one eye doctor, one mechanical engineer and one student (mechanical engineer).

We like to build stuff, and efoil is our current hobby. Saw Pacifimeister on youtube this summer and 4 weeks later we had our first flight.

We will improve our design so all three brothers can fly together on a reliable boards next summer. It’s really fun! We think its possible to build (and develope) 3 fully functional boards for the price of one commercial board. So the choice was easy, as building and testing is half of the fun!!! :slight_smile:

Good luck to everybody


Hello builders. I am in Boston and have been making kiteboards for many years. I like the idea of an inflatable board with a motor so that I can take anywhere. Thank you pacificmeister, it has been a lot of fun watching your board emerge. Thank you for sharing your files and for setting up this forum to advance these boards around the world. Who would choose to sit on the shore when you can foil without wind or boat or waves. This is going to be fun. I have the tube, motor, gearbox, and controller. Looking forward to the batteries arriving. I am weak on the electronics but just as stubborn as the rest of you!


Hello makers ,please to read this fantastic forum from MONTPELLIER FRANCE ( cocorico …)
It s great to have a new communauty for sharing plans and have good advice about gearbox, speed, prop .
All experiments will be very helpfull for each other .

I actually nearly finished 3 d printing mast fuselage and wings in petg full carbon covered waiting for best solution to buy electronics components .
My objectif is 1 hour 20 KNTS hope to succeed it .

Good luck to everybody


How much was your diy Foil? With Carbon covering etc, have you designed a mount for the propulsion system?


Hi to all from Quebec, Canada. I am also building a version of the efoil, based on the so interessing Post and You Tube from Pacific Meister. I will try a different foil with aluminum extruded wings. The speed will be probably lower but the stability increased! Talk to you soon!


Hello from Zurich, Switzerland.

I’ve built a number of e-skateboards and play around with electronics . And as avid windsurfer, SUPer and kiter I was completely hooked when I saw the first efoil videos popping up.
So the idea of building a foil and propulsion system was natural. I already have some parts lying around and lots of good ideas. Slow going as time and tools are limited.

Good to see like minds and some guys from the eskate world. @charlieuk I’m a big fan of your posts over at the zone, great work.


I like your project.
Beware that if you run aground wou will ruin your prop and duct.
That’s why the Fliteboard has a protection below the thruster just before those essential parts to bump over the obstacles… which you could replicate without changing anything else.
Just my 2 cents…



Hi @NickBee. I’m curious where you got your aluminum wings. I assume they were pulled off of another type of hydrofoil on the market cause that’s not just something you go out and make for one time use. I am also using aluminum wings with hand made fiberglass wingtips.


Hello Everyone, I am from Lausanne, Switzerland and have started my build based on Hiorth V1 (Thanks for sharing)
I can’t wait to hit the water and a huge thanks to Pacificmeister for sharing his passion.


Salut moi je viens de bulle si jamais😉