Has anyone used this as part of a kill switch?

Hi All,
Can I have some advice please, will this device handle switching off under full load ?
I expect I will fall off many times when I start.
The ESC I purchased last night shuts down after 3 second of signal loss. I think 3 second I a long time so looking for a quicker method.

Thanks in advance.

I have the same that works very well, except that my switch works upside down, it is necessary to put the switch to 1 (closed) to stop the engine!

Hi philippe Thank-you how high a load are you switching off? have you posted a link of your set up? Can you send a link if you have, if not could you please do so. when you say “switch to 1” is that adding power via a secondary micro controller to switch the main load off or is it a state that is explained with the manual of the device as yet I have not found any info on the device so a bit confused.

I put two 16A Lipo batteries in 12S series, in fact I go to 1 to power through a secondary microcontroller to turn off the main charge, I have to use the next device with a switch ! here are the links

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