Happy day and ESC/remote issue


J ai trouvé le schéma mais je n’a i pas tout compris.
Peux tu m aider , je suis de grenoble , je pense que tu es d Annecy au vue des superbes prises de vue sur le
Lac !
Merci pour ton aide
Gh lombard


Hey fellow builders!
A friend of mine told me about another controlling solution which would be safe I think

Instead of having a wireless remote in the efoiler’s hand, couldn’t we put it under the his foot?
The power would be turned on by putting your feet on the switch and speed would rise by turning your foot
A french guy did this for his e-skate using a 12-32V potentiometer for a 24v motor with 12v batteries, here’s his youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUNtFsQHG0A&t=187s

And some pics of his mount:


And this is his volt booster https://d1ibm7nofgdn3g.cloudfront.net/xcsource-150w-boost-converter-dc-dc-10-32v-to-12-35v-step-up-voltage-charger-module-te302-6bcf1713f147f60ed599e1e98bb5773c.jpg

Do you think this is a good idea?