Happy day and ESC/remote issue


@Vincentbraillard lol yes I did read your comment, hence why I was suggesting a different type of relay. Similar mechanic contact though I guess. Do you have experience with these types not lasting for long periods of time?

How about SSR?


yes @Vincentbraillard you are right, that’s why I’m going to test 2 solutions

and 1 kilovac


I use kilovac from many year… more pefectly…

@jeffM. Be carefully with kill switch…it’s a normaly close!!!


Thanks Vincent, I know it’s a NC but I didn’t find a waterproof magnetic switch in NO
I’ll add a small relay 12V


Can anyone tell me where the best place is to locate the receiver to avoid interference?
In the battery box, OR in the ESC box?


Don’t place the receiver in the back of the board (I did this mistake :frowning: )
when you start, you loss the signal due to the water around the box
For me the best place is to the front of the board
And I don’t know if the battery or ESC generate more interferences


The battery will not create interference, it can only block the signal. The esc can create electrical noise but this should not be an issue at the short range we are transmitting. I am surprised that a few inches water would block enough to block the signal. It would be good to test this. Water plus your body could be enough to block the signal.

I am tempted to go back to a wired system. I plan on running a safety lanyard so why not run it to the throttle and get rid of the remote issues.


If your remote is around 2Ghz (most of the modern remotes), any water will block the signal.
I’m experimenting with low cost 315Mhz for a homemade remote and i can reach 20 to 30 cm under water for now… i’m working on fine tuning the antennas to get more penetration.

Your body is basically the same as water… but signal is good at going around objects, so unless you completely cover you receiver and water block the ways around your body, you should be OK most of the time.


There is open source 433mghz receivers/transmitters (called open lrs) and some of them can be bought as a ready product ( I can elaborate on it more). So as a results it is 100mw or even 1wt transmitted power receiver, definitely will work infer some level of water. Here’s example of them:


Could LoRa transmit through water?


Best to read this post and watch video on lipo battery bombs and safety…


I have tried a small 12v relay on my dead man switch, and I am getting lots of interference! As soon as I press the throttle, the motor stops a few second later and I can hear the relay opening and closing a few times. The relay is connected to the ESC on/off switch. Anyone, having the same issue? My relay is powered by a SBEC (Turnigy Multistar Twin Output 5/10 Amp (6-50V) SBEC for Lipoly) and this SBEC is also powering the receiver.

Anyway, this was my first flight in freezing water. Luckily in dry suit and I have to say this is ADDICTING, a big thanks to Pacificmeister and Hiorth (I based my model on your v1)


If you’re running 12S total battery cells, your relay will need to be 44 volts plus. Possibly this is what’s causing the issue.


I am using 12s, but the fonction of the relay is just to invert the NO into NC and then turn the on/off switch of the ESC which is very small (similar to the photo) so there shouldn’t be any voltage or amp problems


I guess the SBEC doesnt like voltagedrops from accelerating.
Did you measure the voltage behind the SBEC while accelerating?


@Clarin this might help. OSET OEM Electric Bile Lanyard.Its a normally closed switch - opens when the magnet it removed. There is normally open swich available, so you need to confirm that you have chosen normally closed when you buy it.
I have just ordered one to try. I intend to expoxy it into the board. Hopefully it should be waterproof.
This one is in Australia, but i’m sure there available in other countries too.


Got one from France, thanks
(My ESC died so I got a new one from Alienpower unfortunately it doesn’t have an on/off switch. I will have to use a Alien Antispark Power Switch 3-16S 300Amp on top)


Not sure if it was already mentioned, I found a cheap Fail Safe that cuts the throttle in case of lost reception. Could be of some use if your ESC doesn’t cut automatically. I am using it and seems to work!
I will try to connect my Kill switch the the throttle power (or signal, not sure which one to use?), that way I can simplify the installation and remove the Power Switch that burned!


Hi jean François
Could you help me to buiid safety systèm
Havé you a schematic connexion to électric safety
(Relay, dead man, …). I m a turginy water proof system with powerswitch , i install à water proof breaker after my batteries but i dont know how to install other protections


Hi Giloris,
Here you can find the schematic