Hall sensor ampmeter


Having had many issues at work, with those bar shunt that goes on the classic chinese Voltmeter-ammeter, I found this one:
Does anybody ever tried this? My doubts are about the reliability of the measure… onboard of a foilboard, I’m afraid it could vary the measure like cheap ammeter clamp does when you move the clamp over the wire.
What do you think? It could be worth a try but it’s 2months wait to get that from Aliexpress…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I got one of those from German Amazon for 15€. It is rated to 200A apparently and I haven´t tested it yet. It also says 200A on the sticker, so its not just the seller making up numbers. The manufacturer made them up too : D

Any ideas how I could test them though?


If it’s the one with the hall sensor, power it using a 9v battery, run a wire of a dc load thru the sensor and you should read the Amps… In Italy I found one but 50euro… A lot, for such gauge


I mean how can I test 200A.


I give a shot to this one. Hope it will work with a decent accuracy. To avoid issues I will power it using a 9v battery.


any news regarding the hall sensor? If its working g I will buy this one:

DC 300V 100A 200A 400A digital Voltmeter Ammeter Battery Capacity coulometer Power electricity watt-hour meter With Hall sensor
http://s.aliexpress.com/ZRnAZNZv?fromSns=Copy to Clipboard


yes this is working and use by iisi:



I purchased a simpler hall sensor ring ammeter sensor but still have to receive it. I’ve another with its display which works just fine. I will keep you posted, planned to use it as “power limiter”.