Gong foil, and Flipsky 65161 motor. Looking for mast clamp file

I have a Gong M Allvator foil, and Flipsky 65161 motor. Anyone have a mast clamp file to print.


I have it for Chinese mast not sure if it fits to gong mast


Hey Sami, when you export your 3d files to stl to 3d print them, make sure you check the high resolution in the option tab. Your pieces will be much much smoother.
I had the same problem on my SLA 3D printer.

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You are right. And these parts were out of SLA printer with 0.100mm layer height without any post processing except washing them

Yes, Great, That is the same mast as the gong. The model looks very nice. May I have those files please.

Wow could I have that duct file please. I appreciate your design.

I am going to share all the cads in a build thread this weekend

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Thank you, Look forward to it. It looks like you ran all 3 of your phase wires down the same passage in the mast. Did you go with a round hole in the side of the mast or a slot. Also make sure you smooth all the edges of the mast hole because those silicone phase wires get razor like cuts in them very easily.

I am running late to wrap up the build thread, sharing the cads here for you guys:

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Thanks I love your design

have you tested that prop?

which prop is on there?

Thats PM prop but Flying Rodeo prop also fots in this duct

is there a 3d file for this duct to share ?