Gong Allvator - unboxed pics and pics of build quality


IMHO it is not really a problem.
Gong has a now a range of six front wings ranging from 60 to 100cm (500W motor ?) wingspans. The wing chord (including mortise = female part) varies accordingly and the set screw position too. So if a rider wants a smaller/thinner wing to go faster, (s)he needs to get a fuselage with shorter tenon (male part).

Which can do more can do less: IMHO, for a strapless use, the long fuselage (for L or M wings) should work with the small Fwings (60 and 65). You will just have to drill one or two extra holes in the fore part of your long fuselage … The small wing mortise will just be 2" (5cm) shorter than the tenon so to be aesthetic and flush, you just need to… print a ring. It is not only cheaper but you can swap the 2 front wings very easily for a beginner session. If the whole foil was too slow in turns for your likings, then you could buy the smaller fuselage (69€).


Has anyone tried the 65cm kite wing?

It’s a big step compared to the M surf wing. I will order the kite STAB and try it with the M surf wing as a starter.


Is your front wing one size L or M? As the bear from Gong had recommended the surf foil size M for an e foil application, so I ordered a surf foil size M. but I haven’t tested it yet because I still have a lot of work on the board.


Its M. Its no problem to foil with it its just that i am used to the speed of the Nobile All-round wing which is 815cm2.

I got a tips from gong to try the kite foil stab with the M surf wing to make it more challenging.


Ok thank you I await your return, can you communicate me the characteristics of your efoil (empty weight and with battery, weight of the surfer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::blush:) besides How many Ah your battery.
Have you measured your speed…


Hello there,

Is therw anybody using Carbon Pultruted rod from factory as a fuselage?


What is the dimension of the insert to the wing?


@axgib owns the Gong XXL wing one, if you need any specs.

@Manu, salut. Just printed your front clamp STL on PETG at 100% fill, it is a perfect fit to the 65cm Gong Allvator mast, great job ! Now on your STL back clamp, what are those 2 tiny side holes for above the first o’ring please ? Is that for grub screws to prevent the tube from detaching ? Thx


@philgib I didn’t create the mast clamp, I just adapted it to the gong mast.
Yes, they are holes to fix the mast clamp on the aluminium tube.
But you can drill some holes for a better fixing, when I have put SIMAF inserts hot laid and I fix everything with M2.5 BTR screws.


Did you make 2mm holes in the aluminium tube too ? Or are those screws just pressing on the tube surface ? Thanks.


Yes, I first drilled the aluminium tube and mast clamp to a depth of 4 mm at a diameter of 2 mm and then drilled the mast clamp to the diameter indicated by SIMAF for the inserts, then installed the inserts


Just great, thanks a lot Manu



I have never heard anybody using pultrusion for fuselages in kitefoiling. What is sure is that top brands like F-One and North use pultrusion techniques to produce masts and wings. They call it “Forged Carbon”, a mix of resin and carbon strands injected in a mold and then heated up in an oven like a pastry.


Hm! Interesting news, i posed this question as i have been thinking that i could just use a pultruted rod bought by the factory. I have seen the one’s slingshot and other companies use from time to time and they resemble to the factory one’s. After all it is a matter of durability, resistance to tension and flex. I am adding the link here in case anybody wants to go the factory way. It is really cheaper as well.


Thank you mate, so its 20mm! I wanted to ask you as well in the first pic what is this thing popping out from the fuselage in the connection area to the mast. Is it provided by Gong or have added that for stability?


Its 23mm.

The black pipe is for coolingwater.


Very nice !
Would a 22mm diameter rod bend under load, mast placed at 25% of fuselage length on the front wing side ?
If it does not, with a 1000mm = 1m rod, you can make 2 fuselages, 24€ each !


Lets see! I am planning to try this out, i must admit it looks promising to me.


Dude they won’t sell me a foil.I gave them my surfboard shapers address to them and they said they won’t sell other professionals.t is my first surffoil so I didn’t want to go high end.They are not responding my emails at all.This seems sketchy.