German Builders Here?


Hey guys!

I am from Kiel and currently in the planning stage, will probably copy Pacificmeisters build for the most part, because as university student I have limited resources to spare and don’t come from an electrical or mechanical engineering background.

best regards :surfing_man:


I try to be on the water as much as possible. It’s sooo fun. Today I foiled with 1600watt. That’s minimum what is possible with my setup and the takuma clone sup foil.

@Max: how is your propulsion unit is looking like? I’m looking forward to your videos :wink:


I went back to having a sail for fun … :slight_smile:
No I did some tests with direct drive outrunner and some propellers. I want to write a summary when I get around to it. I don’t have conclusive results yet and thus would like to hear your comments then. @MaxMaker looking forward to see your results and propellers!
I’m still not sure if my self designed jet with ~25kg of static thrust (it is really inefficient) could be sufficient as I don’t know the thrust tables or anything like that from the pacificmeister build.
If I keep up my current building speed I will have a working board in the middle of winter :sweat_smile:
At least I got my vesc setup now somewhat sorted for efficient testing.

Have fun,



Same here. Glad my VESC runs and all the other electronics. That was the hardest part.

I am currently moving appartments and workshop. So I am a little bit behind. Working on a test stand next, but I also need to build a bed to sleep in and all kinds of other stuff around the house. Plus work of course.

Videos are on their way though.


Ich komme vom Steinhuder Meer:grinning:


Ich bin in Nürnberg und brauche hilfe, ich weiss es hat nicht mit foils & boards zu tun aber ich bin ganz neu in dieser e-foil welt und spezifisch hab keine Ahnung wie ich mein Motor und gearbox auswählen soll :pensive: mein größtes Problem ist das ich die materialen nicht außerhalb Deutschland bestellen kann und brauch dann hinweis ob jemanden hier schon innland was gekauft hat? Wenn ihr weisst wo ich den Thread mit diese Informationen finden kann, waere es super!