Geared vs Direct


If you look at the shape of the drive unit, they are either using a gear or a custom motor. With the claimed power, I suspect its geared.


Alexandre thanks so much. My own idea was to run a 10-12 mm shaft at about a 10-20 degree angle to a 7 inch or 5 inch propeller with a 1 inch hub and 3/4 inch threaded hub. this eliminates the 3 to 3.5 inch propeller pod which according to my math takes as much as 2000-4000 watts to overcome at 30 km/h

I feel as obvious as this idea is it is patentable because it is embracing a very counter intuitive tradeoff of complexity for efficiency.

I have cost calculated an OEM cost for creating a 90 degree drive underwater as well as the advantages for the foiling design as well and locating the motor above water may be the best way to go for more reasons to list here.

I am starting to feel guilty for discussing this so much and being only at the proof of concept stage so I will be publishing a more thorough analysys on my blog under Testwell Designs Inc.

anyway thank you again because your recent post is a tremendous help in confirming what I suspected but was not sure…here in North America we have about 80 supply chains compared to EUropes 300 plus…

I feel the german design has one thing seriously right and thT is for Battery power EFFICIENCY IS KING!!!


God it is such a beast! and I agree