French build born in [LYON]


Typo sorry the left hand side. Seem delibratly large where as the RHS is very slim


i placed some screwed connector inside .
i can remove completly cables from foil mast without breaking soldered connection




actually i use more a dedicated screwed connector based on my last 3D printed connectors


a picture says it all. nice cad work


Where do you get thoses metal / brass connector Gobbla please ?

Thank you


i use standard legrand connector (on website you can found accepted Ampere)

then open it :

finally change screw type :


I should have thought of that “domino” ! Thanks Gobbla

I thought that those were not advised above 30amps though, I imagine that those are special ones. I will have a look at the Legrand catalogue.

Thx again


Hey salut !!! je pourrais savoir quelle hélice tu utilise et ou tu l’as trouvé ? et quelle est le diam. du moyeu. je tatonne encore.

HI ! i want to know which propeller do u use and where do u find it ? …
And which is the diam. of axis. I search for the good spot.

And if someone know the “Lift” spec too …?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Salut , voici le lien vers l’helice :

i m using 10mm axis :