French build born in [LYON]

Typo sorry the left hand side. Seem delibratly large where as the RHS is very slim

i placed some screwed connector inside .
i can remove completly cables from foil mast without breaking soldered connection

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actually i use more a dedicated screwed connector based on my last 3D printed connectors


a picture says it all. nice cad work

Where do you get thoses metal / brass connector Gobbla please ?

Thank you

i use standard legrand connector (on website you can found accepted Ampere)

then open it :

finally change screw type :


I should have thought of that “domino” ! Thanks Gobbla

I thought that those were not advised above 30amps though, I imagine that those are special ones. I will have a look at the Legrand catalogue.

Thx again

Hey salut !!! je pourrais savoir quelle hélice tu utilise et ou tu l’as trouvé ? et quelle est le diam. du moyeu. je tatonne encore.

HI ! i want to know which propeller do u use and where do u find it ? …
And which is the diam. of axis. I search for the good spot.

And if someone know the “Lift” spec too …?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Salut , voici le lien vers l’helice :

i m using 10mm axis :


i dismantle my propulsion after 1 year of use .
good news there is no water leakage.
cheap coupler of amazone is still alive :

the rear tube became a little bit rusty due to remaining water on

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i also created some new board :
based on RRD xfire 114

i have checked where is the best place for the mast and battery.

i have learn from my first board that battery in between your feet is really more comfortable

removing of paint and drilling of board :

thickness of carbon is really less, but there is strong foam layer (blue)

half cutting for hatch :

returning fixture + second cut

hand digging :

looks promising :

installation of pipe for cable :

3 layers of carbon fiber :

creating some carbon pipe using aluminium tube :

carbon pipe is well fix on eache surface :

then 3 layers on tube :

hatch fixation :

passing cable through the mast + extended screw with threaded bar connector :

installation of ESC box with GPS speedometer + volmeter + ampmeter, design is not so nice but so cool during riding.

inside ESC box :

ready to ride :

i dont have any picture during riding, coming soon.
size of board is really cool. can start on my knees again.
position of feet is so much better than my previous board, helps a lot during take off and landing.


If you add a full deck eva pad foam, it will feel much better during riding.

I m using a similar hatch for battery pack and have trouble to make it waterproof, did you test yours if it s waterproof ?

I also use the same kind of trapdoor from NUOVA RADE and I have had a quotation made to machine a closed-cell EPDM seal with an adhesive side that will position itself outside the original seal, thus doubling the seals.

Yeah I tried using a hatch like that and it never worked so I gave up on it

Even with an additional seal positioned parallel to the original seal?

I’d have to see one that works and I’ll duplicate but so far it’s been a nightmare trying to keep water out.

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Best success I have found is with double sided extreme mounting tape from scotch. I tape the lid and the board then apply a dielectric grease to the exposed glue and presto it doesn’t stick if there is grease and after 6 months you won’t ever need grease. It’s 100% even with hairs and sand across the seam. I use screws spaced every 6” or so.

Scotch Extreme Mounting Tape, 1-inch X 400-inches, Black, 1-Roll (414-LONGDC) - 41… Best 20$ seal on the market and possibly way beyond. It’s super thin and 100% waterproof. I never have issues on any of my equipment even surfing double overhead waves and getting pounded. Just be sure not to over tighten your screws and if you leave your board resting for a few days let the pressure off the screws so it doesn’t over squish. If it does then it will come right back. It’s legit.

Do you have pictures of this? I’d like to see what you’re talking about.